Sacheen Laing’s Thrones not Cells is now available @ Amazon!

Eleven-year-old Anthony McIntosh struggles to love his dark skin. He doesn’t have any friends and believes he’s unattractive or smart. In fact, his mother makes him cut his afro because thick, natural hair is considered to be “unacceptable”.  Yet, his substitute teacher and a special friend help him overcome his struggles, and Anthony quickly learns how to use his experiences to help bring change to his entire school and community. Thrones not Cells uniquely illustrates how a young boy’s fight for acceptance transforms into a surprising victory of confidence, self-worth, and educational excellence. He learns how to be comfortable in his black skin without compromising his African heritage and encourages others who were struggling just like him to love themselves.

Thrones not Cells is now available @ Amazon 

Saccheen Laing is a successful Jamaican poet and author of four poetry collections which she self-published. Thrones not Cells is her second children’s book. Her first children’s book is entitled The Curly Hair Club. She is an advocate for loving and appreciating one’s natural beauty. She has a B.A in Communication Arts & Technology but her passion is found in writing poetry and inspirational quotes.

Sacheen Laing's Thrones not Cells is now available @ Amazon!

Saccheen Laing“I don’t write to become popular, I write because I want to inspire and motivate…. I wanted to give others something that they could relate to. I had stories to tell and I wanted to make a change in even one individual’s life.” – Saccheen Laing, in an interview with The Caribbean Current. Young Author Saccheen Laing and Her Curly Hair Club

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