13 Habits of Successful People

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What makes some people successful is relative, but at the same time, it is something most, if not all of us, want to accomplish at some point in life. If you are one who feels comfortable working in corporate or being your own boss, it doesn’t matter really because success is something that is the benchmark to what it means to be a winner at life. There are some habits of successful people who have made a name for themselves and they have shared their habits and tips for others to adopt. While these habits work for many managers, CEOs, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, etc., it is not a one size fit all, and you should take what you want from their tips and make them your own.

  1. Write out your dream or goal for the day

Writing a goal for the day naturally makes you more productive, and you should strive towards accomplishing at least one goal daily. It should be realistic and attainable so that you won’t feel the need to pile up unachieved goals for the next day as this fosters you feeling anxious or disappointed if a task isn’t done. Successful people believe that once you set a goal and accomplish it, you foster a habit which is hard to break and eventually you will find yourself getting bigger and more impactful tasks done.

  1. Wake up early so you can get more things done

Some people are just not morning people and would rather burn the midnight oil. However, once you are waking up earlier, you are better able to prepare more strategically for the day and get more tasks done. Whether it is answering those countless emails, making calls, planning your day, etc., you have more time to do these things with less stress and start your day of work with a more refreshed mindset.

  1. Make your bed in the mornings

It’s a simple task but truth be told, the simplest of tasks will get you in a positive or negative mind frame for the day. Completing a task such as making your bed gets you into the habit of completing other tasks and as such you are able to develop a routine of striving to accomplish bigger goals throughout the day. You could even focus on cleaning a part of your room and before you know it, your entire room is clean.

  1. Get a good workout in

Yoga or hitting the gym is a good way of getting the muscles pumping and your body in shape. Keeping fit not only helps you to feel better, but you are able to maintain a good weight, have more energy and be able to get more things done for the day without feeling lethargic or stressed. Additionally, yoga sessions recharge you if you need a break from the stress of the day.

  1. Take care of your body

Make a smoothie, eat some fruits and vegetables. I know it’s cliché, but have you heard of anyone who didn’t reap the benefits from a healthy diet? Becoming a vegetarian, or sticking to a strict diet might be costly and most people would not readily want to, but maybe you could start off small. Trying to remove some things from your diet, or eat more fruits or drink more water may help you develop an attitude to a healthier lifestyle, and once you start, you might like it.

  1. Take vitamins.

When I was younger, my parents ensured that I took kids’ vitamins and they would get the gummies and trick me into eating them by saying they would make me big and strong.  As we grow older, and we have the choices over what we eat, say, and do, we tend to forget to do the things we actually need to do, especially to take care of our bodies. One such thing is taking regular vitamins. I know that sometimes it can be daunting, especially if there are numerous vitamins to take or if they are huge and hard to swallow. However, scientists have invented multivitamins that give you a balanced intake in only one pill, so that negates the need to take seven tablets one time and if it’s too big, just cut it in half!

  1. Set daily, weekly and yearly goals, not ‘To do Lists’, but goals that are far-reaching

Setting goals not only gets one in the frame of mind to work to accomplish them, but it also gives you a guide that outlines what you need to do or get done within a specific deadline. Start off with a few goals which are attainable and realistic, then work your way up to more longterm goals over time.

  1. Dress the part. Don’t dress for the job you have but for the job you want.

This is a good one but not to be confused with dressing above your means. Dressing for the job you want also, like point 7, puts you in the mind frame to work towards what you want. For example, if you start to dress similarly to how a business executive or a board director dresses, you will see the difference in your attitude, and you will also want to mentally strive towards obtaining that position one day.

  1. Set a work zone. Use the do not disturb feature on your phone. Get through your high priority tasks first.

A work zone is pretty self-explanatory, a place that you use when you want to get work done. Create that space that will aid in you getting the optimal focus put into getting your tasks done; your bedroom is for sleeping so you won’t be mentally capable to be alert there.

Using the do not disturb on your phone also allows you to focus on your task at hand, and making a plan to get through the high priority tasks first will not only keep you on track with deadlines but accomplish more out of your day.

  1. Carry a water bottle

As previously stressed, water is essential to life. Again cliché, but water does so many good things for the body including flushing out the system, keeping the body hydrated and so much more. When last have you heard that water, when utilized incorrect doses, didn’t make you feel replenished and hydrated?

  1. Plan and pack the night before

Planning for the day the night before allows you to get a head-start. You can leisurely pack the necessities for your day ahead of time rather than rushing in the morning which increases the probability of forgetting something important (like the iron left on). To make a long story short nobody likes to rush, so give yourself time.

  1. Learn to learn

Don’t think of learning as work, homework, or a burden but as beneficial and that you are expanding your brain. Having a positive mindset will lead to you having a positive attitude and it helps you learn better.

  1. Take some ME-time. Dedicate some me time. Journal, listen. Find out what is inspirational. DO it every day. None digital. Recharge your mind and soul. New mindset.

By Alexandra Daley

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