Irish & Chin’s “World Clash” to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in Toronto, Canada

For Caribbean entertainment specialists Irish and Chin (company), Sound Clash is a way of life.  With roots firmly planted in New York and Jamaica, Irish and Chin (company) is a significant purveyor of Jamaica’s indigenous sound clash culture for over two decades.

A sound clash is an intense musical battle between DJs (selectors) and DJ crews (sound systems) using predominately Reggae and Dancehall songs and dubplates. In addition to music, contenders rely on speech and stage presence to win over the crowd.

The company has amassed a huge following over the years and has skillfully presented sound clash to international and mainstream status.

The team of Irish and Chin has accomplished this feat because of the success of a diverse portfolio of signature events, including the famed World Clash, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary all year long in 2018.  A commemorative edition of World Clash during Reggae Sumfest 2018, kicked off the celebrations, captivating people from many countries. Now, the lights, dubplates, excitement, and final preparations of sound clash are set to entertain patrons in Toronto, Canada at the Tibetan Cultural Center, as the milestone anniversary of World Clash culminates with its official staging on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

World Clash will feature some of the future maestros of sound systems, competing in a soundclash of epic proportions, one reminiscent of a high profile sports event. In fact, throughout its tenure, World Clash has been revered as the “Super Bowl” of sound clash, a competition that every sound system operator heralds as the pinnacle of his career.

The long-awaited 20th Anniversary sound clash, which has garnered a monstrous hype, will see Rumble Series winners facing off against 2x World Clash champion King Turbo, who proudly represents Canada. The buzzing line up of sound systems and selectors who have gained notoriety while climbing the ranks in their respective countries includes DeeBuzz (Euro Rumble), 3 Sevens (Caribbean Rumble), Jah Works (Japan Rumble), Dynamq  (U.S. Rumble), Empire Sound/Mour Dan (UK Rumble) and Mystic Sound (Canada Rumble).

“We are extremely proud that World Clash has stood the test of time.  Our goal is to have the World Clash brand and the phenomenal art of sound clash, continue to wow International audiences for years to come,” says  Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin.

Bourne adds, “I am equally interested in new sound system stars to achieve notoriety and success, while new fans are introduced to the allure and thrill of sound clash.”

With sound clash enthusiasts and scores of new followers of the culture in a frenzy, tickets for World Clash are moving at a rapid rate. Although many clash fans have been gearing up for #WorldClash20 for over a year, there are still some who can’t make the trek, peaking the demand for pay-per-view.  For this reason, despite Irish and Chin’s emphasis on the authentic in-person sound clash experience, the esteemed promoters are offering just 500 pay-per-view subscriptions for international fans.

Contributing to the already impressive World Clash vibes is the pre-party, which will be curated by premiere Canadian sound, Nitro. The pre-party, which will also be at Tibetan Cultural Center,  promises to be a special treat because it will gear fans to celebrate World Clash 20.

The long-awaited World Clash 20th Anniversary in Toronto, Canada is set to exceed expectations. Fans are guaranteed an electrifying and authentic sound clash experience filled with dubs, speech, and robust talent from some of the most promising international sounds and selectors in the sound system arena.

Source: Flair Lindsey,  Learn more here

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