Saint Lucia-based Flour Mill Company Trains Current & Future Bakers

Caribbean Grains Spreads the Fine Art of Baking

Castries, Saint Lucia (November 30, 2017) – Caribbean Grains Ltd, which operates a production mill in Vieux Fort, considers itself more than just a manufacturer of flour. The Company, which has been here for more than a year, sees itself as an ally of the present and future generation of bakers.

During the month of November, the Company has been conducting training sessions aimed at equipping bakers with new techniques in the areas of bread and pastry production.

The latest training sessions were held on Thursday, November 16th and Friday, November 17th at the Caribbean Grains facility in Vieux Fort. A session with students of the Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary School, together with local bakers from the south, was conducted on day one. Day two was devoted to students from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) and Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (VFCSS). The training sessions were conducted by two bakers from Guadeloupe and Mustique.

Baker Michael with Coconut Bay Resort’s Chef David and students from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Managing Director of Caribbean Grains Ltd, Arnaud de Moussac said such training is very useful because it allows the Company to interact with bakers while they prepare various products made from flour from the Company.

“What we are aiming at is giving a consistent product every time the baker is starting his process, helping them to rationalise and practising economy, mostly by weighing the product because, at the end of the day, not weighing products can make a big difference in terms of earning and losing. And no one knows that you are winning when you are getting a little heavier product, but your bottom line will know it. So, we are trying to get the same cause and effect from these training sessions.”

Managing Director of Caribbean Grains Ltd, Arnaud de Moussac

The Managing Director added that Caribbean Grains is a new Company that must prove itself to its customers. He described the level of business with local bakers as “good” and “picking up.”

“The people have a better response to our product. We are very happy with the way they are willing to re-assess us. Nobody likes to change, but the change is welcome, and more and more we hear people saying that they want to buy Saint Lucian products because it generates Saint Lucian employment.” 

Bakers were given an opportunity to learn and improve their skills in the areas of French and local bread products, as well as in baked goods such as pastries, cakes, croissants, and pizza, using local flour manufactured by Caribbean Grains.  Sessions with the students are part of a practical training programme that Caribbean Grains conducts every other month with local bakeries and bakers.

A Chef at Coconut Bay Resort, David Serieux, who has been a baker for 18 years, said he emerged from the training session with knowledge of how to refine his baking skills.

” Well, to be honest, it’s not something I never did before, but the techniques and the process I saw here seem much better here because of the equipment, such as the proof-box, and the way the oven works is amazing.”

Other bakeries represented at the training sessions were Bonne Baguette Bakery, the French Bakery, Mannee’s Bakery, and Kaision Bakery. Participating students expressed gratitude to Caribbean Grains for exposing them to various techniques and opportunities in the field of baking.

About Caribbean Grains Ltd

Caribbean Grains Ltd is part of a French Group of Companies based in Martinique involved in grains trading, shipping and processing.  The Group currently operates flour and feed mills in Saint Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Brazil and a feed mill in French Guyana, and layers farms in Martinique and Haiti.

Caribbean Grains Flour Mill in Saint Lucia started in August 2016 processing North American and European wheat for the local market and exports to the OECS.

The Company first started with its feed production in July 2013 supplying broilers, layers and pig farmers. Feed is also available for small ruminants, horses, shrimps, and fish.  All products are free from animal protein, antibiotics, growth promoters, and harmful chemicals.  The capacity of the feed mill increased in 2016 to be able to supply the farms in the region who want to switch to antibiotic and chemical-free feed.

Source: Accela Group

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