Candice Marshall, a St. Lucian student at Morgan State University set to create history

Candice Marshall –

Morgan State University’s first doctoral graduate in mathematics is on track to receive her degree during this year’s Fall Commencement exercises, in December.

Candice Marshall (p.k.a. Candice Jean-Louis), an international student from St. Lucia, is one of 11 students in Morgan’s Industrial and Computational Mathematics (ICM) Program.

The demand for ICM graduates is burgeoning with the rise of high-performance computing and “big data.” Industrial mathematics teaches the use of applied mathematics to solve problems in the industry, government, and other workplaces. The related field of computational mathematics involves research in the growing number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) areas where computing plays an essential role.

Measuring and analyzing traffic flow and predicting and preparing for earthquakes and climate change are just a few examples of work done by practitioners in ICM. Fundamental to Morgan’s ICM program is pure mathematics, which serves as the basis for understanding complex real-world problems.

Marshall earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Morgan in 2005 then taught at the high school level in St. Lucia for three years before returning to Morgan to earn her master’s degree in the field (2011) and enroll in her current Ph.D. program.

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