Youths Warned Against Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana (weed) is now legally being sold for US$8,000.00 per pound (1/8 oz costs $62.50).  What effect will this have on the illegal market?  Here is what I foresee happening:


·         The price will increase

·         Crime will increase

·         The school dropout rate will increase

·         The prison population will increase

·         Youths, especially those in poor countries and communities will be further disenfranchised.

My advice to youths (under 21 years old)


Do not smoke Marijuana (weed)

Do not buy weed for others

Marijuana stays in your bodies longer than you think

Parents and adults must encourage youths who smoke weed that it is far better to use the money to do positive things such as buying goods and services to enhance their learning.

Image the good that could be accomplished if 12 youths who were planning to buy 1 pound of weed for 12 months (12 x $8,000 x 12 = $1,152,000!) had a positive plan.

Who is making the money?  Youths must realize that principled thinking will allow for a more prosperous way of life — parents have roles to play but youths must also embrace theirs.

By: Karl A. Haughton



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