Young Jamaican entrepreneurs shine at PitchIT Caribbean Challenge

Jamaican Startups Quickplate and The Interview JM win PitchIT Carribean Challenge

Many startup businesses are just that, start-ups. They go through stages and the bright eyed and bushy-tailed entrepreneur finds that their once motivated and hopeful business eventually takes a turn for the worst and fails. Not to say this is the case for all businesses that start with success in mind, but without the proper tools like planning and mentoring, not to mention funding it is very hard to see them lasting past a year or two.

With the rise of entrepreneurship, there are many reasons that persons want to build their company from the ground up. From the dream of owning a business or making your passion work for you to wanting to be your own boss and open up more employment opportunities, nothing is too big or small for the aspiring entrepreneur.

This stands true for two female entrepreneurs who decided to take the bull by the horns and now have seed funding towards their upcoming businesses in Jamaica as they won the PitchIT Caribbean Challenge. They are Danielle Tait and Monique Powell, the proud owners of The Interview JM and Quickplate respectively.

About PitchIT Caribbean Challenge

Young Jamaican entrepreneurs shine at PitchIT Caribbean Challenge

PitchIT Caribbean was held in Trinidad this year between November 30th – December 3rd for its second staging with some twenty-five Caribbean entrepreneurs who participated. The competition brought together Caribbean app developers and Tech Startups for a boot camp training session and pitch competition, both lasted two days. The programme aims to enhance ecosystem of mobile app creation and development across the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). PitchIT Caribbean Challenge takes its participants through various stages of the startup life cycle which includes ideation to maturity, through idea then pitch, market then maturity. It also facilitates development of applications through meaningful investment, inspiring mentoring and comprehensive training. The top ideas are then awarded with prizes as well as the PitchIT Caribbean Champion is selected.

Learn more about PitchIT Caribbean Challenge.

About Danielle Tait and The Interview JM

Young Jamaican entrepreneurs shine at PitchIT Caribbean Challenge

Danielle Tait accepts her prize

Located in Kingston, Jamaica, The Interview JM is a small business which optimizes the strengths of individuals within businesses, companies and entrepreneurs and assist them in attaining their dream job or promotion. The business also assesses the candidate’s and employee’s weaknesses, work preferences and skills. This ensures that they are getting the most out of their application using their tools and services which are readily available at affordable rates via their virtual office or in-person consultations. In addition, The Interview JM, which launched in March 2016, trains persons and they have seen results in terms of employee recruitment, development and retention. Their mission is to “use innovative tools to match the right persons with the right organizations in the right positions and help both individuals and organizations reach the heights of their potential.”

Danielle Tait is an Immaculate Conception High School Alumni who went on to get her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Furman University with a concentration in Latin American Studies. She also has a certificate in the mastery of Spanish and certificates in Paralegal Studies (from the Paralegal Training Institute), Image, Etiquette (Protocol CR) and Elements of International Trade and Trade Policy (united Nations Institute of Training and Research). She holds her Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the Jack Welch Management Institute. She has worked as medical officer, helpdesk manager, client resolutions expert, regulatory affairs coordinator and documentation specialist, to name a few. Tait is the brilliant mind behind this dream that has blossomed into a successful business and now with the backing of funding from being a winner of the PitchIT Caribbean competition, she will continue expanding.

Contact them at the or view their website at or on Linkedin with this link:

About Monique Powell and Quickplate

Young Jamaican entrepreneurs shine at PitchIT Caribbean Challenge

Monique Powell accepts her prize

Created in March 2016, Quickplate is described as a “restaurant marketing, e-commerce and logistics company” which assists restaurants who have partnered with them to increase their sales via utilizing the company’s online restaurant platform. When restaurants chose to partner with Quickplate, they access their user-friendly system which offers their audience a menu to order from and have their food delivered to them. Customers are therefore able to order meals from the comfort of their home or offices without the hassle of pickup. Quickplate aims to make the experience enjoyable for both the customer and the restaurant.

The founder of Quickplate is entrepreneur Monique Powell who has dedicated the last fifteen years to assisting small, medium and large businesses gain Internet leverage.

She is also an Immaculate Conception High School alumni and she has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Management Studies. She also has a UWI CARIMAC certificate in Public Speaking and a MOOC certificate in Digital Analysis for marketing professionals from the University of Illinois. She has worked with big companies like The Gleaner Company, Digicel and Scotiabank in roles from Columnist, internet/web specialist, and marketing manager in various areas of digital and media at the regional level.

Powell is also looking to expand her business to the Caribbean and ultimately the world and has high hopes that she is in the right niche as a promising entrepreneur.

“Based on our research I strongly believe there is a sizable market for the services we offer (that strong conviction factored into my decision to leave my full-time job)…and I believe that if we continue to scale efficiently, focus on continual service improvement and listening to our customers, we can claim a large part of that market.” – Monique Powell, Founder of Quickplate

Monique’s Linkedin:

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