Young Jamaican entrepreneur, One Romone, implores youths to stop procrastinating

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Young Jamaican entrepreneur, One Romone, implores youths to stop procrastinating

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The Internet has become a platform for many to build their brand and showcase their talents. The opportunities are endless once you have a camera and a personality to go with it and it helps to add a bit of humor, thus the birth of most Youtube celebs. But with thousands of YouTubers who believe that they are the “next best thing” what gives you that extra edge?

Well, as a Caribbean native, more specifically a Jamaican, the world seems intrigued by our ability to fuse humor with our “Jamaicaness” while keeping up to date with current affairs and trends in pop culture. Jamaican YouTubers have made a name for themselves from capitalizing on this niche and brought authentic Jamaican talent to the world. Moreover, they have been able to build their personal brand and use social media as a lucrative avenue for income generation.

One such YouTuber is Romone Robinson who is the talent behind the brand ‘One Romone’ and has been known for his comedic videos and parodies across most social media platforms. His most viewed parody is the 2014 Vybz Kartel prison interview. Achieving his goal of being globally impactful has been a mission that he has never given up on. His journey to where he is now was long, but through his personality and talent, eventually, he made his way up the ranks of being one of society’s celebrity acts.

“The reason for starting the videos tie in with my passion for entrepreneurship. I realized that people are usually quicker to support you if they know you, and this was one of the ways to get exposure.” – Romone Robinson

The brand was conceptualized years ago, in 2013, with the ‘Rom 1 TV’ channel on Youtube and through his ability to relate with his audience and engage well, he and his channel grew in popularity. The 24- year old later took his videos to Instagram and with determination and sticking to his art, he gained even more exposure and even piqued the interest of various corporate brands. He has over three thousand subscribers on Youtube and over seventy thousand followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Young Jamaican entrepreneur, One Romone, implores youths to stop procrastinating

One Romone -pic source twitter

The Manchester-born holds education at a high standard as he graduated not just with his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing, but also a Master of Business Management from the University of the West Indies. Romone remains making strides outside of his social media fame. He has set his sights on being a leader within the business sector. When he isn’t strategizing his next video, the Aries is maneuvering his life as an entrepreneur of his company, Indulge Entertainment, or working with other businesses like the Jamaican Barbecue restaurant Father Bull, which is owned by his parents.

It doesn’t stop there. A comedian, an entrepreneur, he has launched his own clothing line. The sky is literally the limit.

His clothing line Own Never Envy is the brand that Romone has debuted under his list of entrepreneurial activities which was influenced by Drake’s OVO brand. Romone said that he wanted something similar, so he took the last syllable in his name ‘ONE’ and came up with an acronym that encompassed what his brand vision was about. ‘One Never Envy’ resounded the most so he decided to use it; the line consists of crop and tank tops, shirts and hats with the ‘O.N.E.’ branding on them.

He has been influenced by several successful persons to whom he looked up to growing up; he finds that what they do and how they think could be indeed fascinating. With that mindset, he believes that he has become his version of success and that leading a successful life that others can emulate is his greatest achievement to date.

He implores youths to stop procrastinating—many people want success and easy money— but success comes with hard work. He also advised that social media content is designed to look good, so make your own success and don’t use what you see on social platforms to be the standard. He stresses the importance of making the sacrifices, working hard and being consistent; do not focus on what the media portrays.

“Create a plan and follow it. I have a five-year plan and I am happy with the progress thus far and cannot wait for the remaining two years of the plan to unfold,” Romone Robinson in an interview with the Jamaica Gleaner.

By Alexandra Daley



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