Yohan Blake – Will he beat Usain Bolt in 2012?

Yohan Blake - Will he beat Usain Bolt in 2012?

Yohan Blake, if you are not already aware is one of the fastest people alive. The 22 year old Jamaican born sprinter holds the current 100 metre World Championship after beating Walter Dix and Kim Collins in the world 100m championship event in Daegu in 2011. It is also interesting to know that Yohan Blake is also the youngest sprinter to break the 100m 10 second barrier, at nearly 20 years of age.

He is considered to be Jamaica’s fastest runner after world famous Asafa Powell, Nesta Carter and record holding Usain Bolt. Yohan holds the record for the fastest 200m run ever recorded, making the distance in 19.26s. No doubt Yohan is an athlete to watch out for in the London Olympics, being held July 27 to August 12, 2012.

Yohan Blake was born on December 26, 1989 in the Parish of St. James and attended St. Jago High School in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  In 2007 he drew attention when just in his second year of competition for Jamaican scholastic track power St. Jago; he broke the national junior record in the 100m. He has set sights on the world record held by his idol, Asafa Powell.

Blake says one of the reasons he got into running was to one day be like Asafa Powell, Jamaica’s biggest track star and the world record holder in the 100m at 9.74 seconds. “He’s one my biggest idols,” Blake said. “I love to talk with him and get advice. It really means a lot to me whenever I hear him speak of me as well, because I’m one of his biggest fans even though I’m almost as big as him.”

Yohan was said to have coveted Usain Bolts 100m championship title in Daegu in 2011 but what everybody is really interested in seeing is how the two Jamaican sprinters match up in the 2012 Olympics. Yohan challenges his training mate, Usain for the Olympic champion title.  Both athletes have started preparation for the Olympic Games, but for whom will all the training pay off?

Intense training has been ongoing for the Olympic bound athlete.  Some sources claim that Blake is outshining Bolt on a lot of their training runs. Blake’s confidence in beating his National rival is rising and the final race in London will answer a lot of currently unanswered questions.

Blake has made some statements regarding the 2012 Olympics later this year and is definitely heading for victory over Bolt. Talking about the World championships Blake mentioned “If you look at my reaction time (.269) and I ran the turn a bit slow, you can see that I can go faster in the 200m and also my 100m technically can improve.”

In another statement Blake agrees that the competition for the Gold in London will be fierce, training is at its peak and neither is willing to back down. “Usain (Bolt) and I are very close. We have been training together for two years now and I don’t think that anything has changed, but it’s going to be more intense in training next year and also in competitions.”

Usain also had some words to say concerning the competition with Blake, after he was disqualified at the starting line for jumping the gun, the record holder does nothing but watch Blake take his championship from him. Last year Bolt admitted that Yohan was a threat to his gold medal in London but he publicly claimed that he will not allow Blake to beat him in the 200m dash in London.

Yohan Blake - Will he beat Usain Bolt in 2012?

Besides his athletic talents Yohan has been working hard for the Mount Olivet Boys Home through his YB Afraid Foundation.   He is focused on representing his sponsors, Adidas, WATA, Key Motors and LIME, through which his YB Afraid Foundation is funded.

The YB Afraid Foundation, established by the world sprinter, joined with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) in adopting the Mount Olivet Boys Home in Walderston, Manchester. This partnership resulted in a day of excitement and gifts for the residents of the home on Saturday, December 17, 2011, as the JIS management and staff and the YB Afraid Foundation were accompanied by other sponsors, when they hosted a Christmas dinner and awards ceremony in association with the staff of the home.

The residents of the Mount Olivet Boys Home received attractive donations of sneakers, slippers and windbreakers from Adidas, through the YB Afraid Foundation. “The gifts were amazing (especially because) we were very limited in terms of funds. The boys had a fantastic time. They loved meeting Yohan Blake and can’t wait for the training camp,” said Sonia Lowe, Director of the the Mount Olivet Boys Home, making reference to the promise made by Blake’s coach Glen Mills to host the boys at the Racers Track Club. Dare Balogun (TCC)

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