Yoga Will Make You Feel Better!

How Does Yoga affect my Well Being?

Everywhere yoga is promoted as essential to your well-being. But how does it affect you that way? Read on for what you need to know about yoga and how you can use them every day for clear sense of mind, body, and soul.

Here are the basics of yoga

The word itself comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘union’. In a way, it can be said that yoga is union between your mind, body, and soul, combining them together for a wholesome well-being although the accurate description for yoga is called ‘asana’ which means a practice of postures and movement. However, the word ‘asana’ and yoga are used interchangeably.

Yoga ImageYoga originated a long time ago. There’s even evidence of stone seals depicting yoga poses dated 3000 B.C. Just imagine how long yoga has been in practice by the locals before it got famous around the world. At the time, yoga was practiced for healing, improving conditions of the body as well as for spiritual purposes.

The Acceptance of Yoga

The reason why yoga is well accepted by the world is because the wonderful benefit it brings not just to your body, but for your peace of mind and complete soul. With regular activity of yoga, your body will become flexible, reducing any risks of spraining the joints (useful as you get older).

YOGA POSTURESome of the yoga activities and yoga poses are quite hard to do such as balancing on one leg (known as Tree Pose) but eventually, you will build the muscles to make your body stronger as well as making them active. Of course, with increase in muscular movements, you will burn off the fat, energy levels would return, and make you look slimmer and leaner, all in good health.

Yoga in Action

Practicing yoga also requires you to practice breathing so you that you can utilize your lungs to use oxygen efficiently and in turn, calm the nervous system, and eventually protect your health from various ailments and diseases.

Aero_YogaNot just your physical, your mind also gets worked on (hard) with yoga. ‘Asana’ practices are intensely physical and require you to concentrate real hard so you will be calmer and more focused in life. With more focused mind, you can also cool down the stress that you’ve been having and put everything back into perspective.

And of course, with calmer mind you will be much more confident about yourself and not worried about your vanity, even if it’s just for a second. Forget others, you are you. And your beauty is unique.  With your new found energy, it’s you that will decide your own future and be active to get all of the opportunities that you get seized.

Do you yoga every single day? Do tell us how yoga put a positive outlook in your life and how yoga has changed you for good.

By Liya Das.



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