Yoga & Love – A healthy lifestyle option

Yoga is practiced by over 15 million people worldwide.  Yoga is not just an exercise. It is said that Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart – by uniting the heart, consciousness is steadied, then we are able to be in our true nature….that is JOY!

As a 46 year old African American woman until this fall Yoga was not a regular practice for me. After relocating to Negril, Jamaica from California I decided to enroll in a 200 hour yoga teachers training intensive course, knowing that it would take my body and mind to the next level.  The idea of it sounded great but after three days I felt like I was out of my league.

Being the least experienced, the only black woman, and the most overweight and certainly the least flexible, I thought to myself that if Yoga brings about uniting my conscious and bringing me joy why wasn't I feeling it?  It was because I wasn't feeling the self love that Yoga promotes and it was then that my amazing teacher Alan Lowenschuss of the Sunshine State Yoga Academy shared with me how I didn't have to be perfect to practice or teach Yoga.  All that was necessary was to share from my heart….wow this made it so much easier.

With love being our highest frequency of energy I was able to complete the course and create a level of self love I had never experienced, allowing me to now share Yoga with Love!  Yoga is love and you'll love yourself more for practicing today.

Be Well

Jessica Johnson. (Contributed)



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