Writers Wanted – Expand your audience!

Writers Wanted

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Did you know The Caribbean Current is steadily getting more readers every month?

Not just in the Caribbean, the U.S. and Canada, but Worldwide.

Writers Wanted

Crazy, right?  Most writers could never dream of having such a wide audience.

What if I showed you how to get published here?

Let’s face it, anyone who says they wrote for The Caribbean Current instantly has more credibility (even if you disagree with them).

Plus, the traffic potential is enormous. Even if only a fraction of our readers see your article, you’re still putting your ideas in front of a larger audience.

Once upon a time, freelance writers got paid for their work. Well, not anymore, or at least not at The Caribbean Current. Instead, we give you things infinitely more valuable: Authority. Influence. Exposure.

In exchange, you give readers great content. It’s a simple trade. After writing for free for a while, lots of writers have gone on to get book deals, cushy speaking gigs, or start their own businesses. For them, writing on a freelance basis wasn’t a job. It was a platform.

It’s called guest blogging. Here’s the idea:

You submit an article, and in exchange, you get a link back to your site that looks like this:

It’s called a byline:

Writers Wanted byline

You can link to nearly anything you want. Your blog, your company’s website, a sales letter, your newsletter subscription form, whatever you like.

All you have to do is write a juicy article. You can’t write about yourself, sorry.
The goal of your article should be to teach the reader something. Give them real, actionable content.

You also want to target the right readers.

For example, if you’re a chef, you don’t want to write an article about how to swim with the sharks. This might get lots of readers, but it’s the wrong readers.

Here’s a better approach.

If you’re a chef, your target client is probably someone who is interested in a well cooked meal. Get them to try your secret sauce.

So, maybe you write an article for The Caribbean Current like…

          5 Secret recipes that my grandmother shared with me

The better the article is, the more people will click on your byline. If it’s really good, you might even get featured on the homepage and get swamped with traffic.

When you finish your article, you need to send it to us at info@thecaribbeancurrent.com

We’re featuring our favorite travel, entertainment, and beauty photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. We’re popping your name right on it too.

Please submit your own original, high resolution pictures & videos.

So, please provide the following details for all submissions.

Your Name, Your Website, Your Preferred Display Name, Your Preferred Social Media Account, and all Social Media Accounts for Promotional Purposes

Additionally, please provide the following details for photo and video submissions:

Location: City, Country, Description (under 150 characters), When was it captured?

Provide the following details for article submissions/ follow these guidelines:

650-1,000 words—what category or categories does your post fit under

Format should be: Intro, 3-10 points, closing <— reference yourself back.

Photos must be your own; or we’ll add some in for you. A picture of you and your brief biographical description (4-6 sentences).

How It Works

If your article is right for a feature, we’ll have you sign a release form allowing us to share your photo(s), article(s) or video(s) on all of our social media accounts and/or within an article.

We’ll publish it on The Caribbean Current and promote it on all of our social media accounts… always tagging you.

If your videos rock our socks, we’ll do a brief intro writing about it, and share it (with your tagged social media accounts on ours).

Terms and Conditions

You are not considered an employee of The Caribbean Current by submitting photos, videos, or articles.

You retain the rights to distribute your media elsewhere…. do what you want with your photos/ articles. They’re yours; you’re just letting us feature them.

However, we have the right to edit and alter content.

You cannot reach out to brands as a representative of The Caribbean Current on your own, but there is the possibility of us working together for sponsored segments.

Contact us info@thecaribbeancurrent.com or  800.883.0226



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