WOW! What Beautiful Hair

It is said that the glory of a woman is in her hair and women know this all too well. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry with black women being the highest spenders.

When it comes to hair regimens that women use, the list is endless. For centuries now, hair oils, treatments, conditioners, pomades, and relaxers have been developed that all promise to give a woman that WOW hairdo.  For the last number of years we have seen a great increase in the use of weaves and other types of added extensions.  Black women are daring to be blondes and redheads and using other colours that are not the norm but shows playful, adventurous “out of the box” attitudes that can be empowering.

The key to taking great care of your hair and getting the results that you are looking for is simply understanding your hair and treating it well. Women spend thousands of dollars daily but on all the wrong products that have chemicals and call for heat treatment. The end result is disappointment, permanent hair damage and of course wasted money.

Love your Hair

Have you accepted your hair or are you busy trying to change it and make it different? If you do not accept your hair, or understand it and find out what works for you, you are in for a major disappointment.  What is important is that you love your hair no matter the length, style, or texture that you choose.

The world over many women, especially black women are accepting their natural hair and learning how to work with it. There is a mass exodus back to nappy hair that is oh so beautiful when handled and styled correctly. No more heat treatment, tight weaves, blow driers and chemicals.

If you do opt for chemical or heat processing, colour or weaves, remember that these can be harsh on your hair therefore, it is very important to treat the hair with deep cleansing and conditionings.  It does not matter the type of hair you have. Until you accept it and treat it well, you will remain in the chase for that beautiful hair and the end results will always disappoint.

Keeping it Simple

No women can be blamed for being confused on what products to use on her hair. There are literally millions of products out there and at any one time, most women have a concoction of stuff in their hair. You know what ladies, keep it simple!

All you need is to ensure that your hair is clean, well-conditioned and moisturized. You need to use natural oils and forget all those products that contain sulfates and petroleum that only clog your pores. Avoid harsh shampoos that strip the moisture and oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Mother Nature has all that you need to treat your hair right and when you do, it will be everything you are looking for and more.

Who is styling your hair?

Just like finger prints, everyone has unique hair. Work with a hair specialist who takes time to understand your hair and what you want to achieve and when you find one, stick with them. You will be amazed how beautiful and healthy your hair will be when you take it to the right pair of hands.  

In addition to having a reliable hair specialist it’s always a good idea to learn how to style your own hair. This will make it easier for you to have a great hairdo every single day. No more bad hair days.

Wow hair is not just for the celebrities and the elite.  Anyone can have healthy and beautiful hair.

 By Imani




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