World Renowned Jamaican Public Health Professional appointed by JDCF


In light of the current public health emergency in Jamaica, The Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation (JDCF) has created a position of Director of Public Health and Environment within the Board of Directors.

The Director of Public Health and Environment will be responsible for assisting in addressing the pressing public health and environmental issues that impacts the health of Jamaicans and stand in the way of achieving the Vision 203/30 Plan for Health in Jamaica.

“I am pleased to advise you that the JDCF Board of Directors ,has appointed world renowned Public health and Environment professional specialist Dr. Sylvanus Thompson as its Director of Public Health and Environment,” said Valarie Steele President of the JDCF.

Dr. Thompson Is a graduate of the West Indies School of Public Health, and a former Public Health Inspector in Jamaica. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ryerson University in Public Health and Environmental Health, A Master of Science Degree from University of Guelph in Food Sciences, and PhD from University of California, Berkley in Public Health. Dr. Thompson is world renowned a in the field of Public Health. He also holds numerous fellowships and other credentials in the field and is highly respected internationally.

He has authored and coauthored numerous publications and regulatory guidelines on a variety of public health and environmental health issues. One such publication was about the containment of outbreaks of food borne diseases the most recent was the SARS outbreak in Toronto, which he co-authored with the late Dr. Shelia Basrur.

Dr. Thompson has served on the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA) Board of Directors for many years as Education Chair, and as Vice President and Senior Vice President. At the recent JCA anniversary Gala, Dr. Thompson received the Outstanding Service award.

Sylvanus Thompson

Dr. Sylvanus Thompson (L) Receiving JCA Award from Hon. Noel Arscott

He is currently an Assistant Director with Toronto Public Health Department. His appointment will contribute significantly to the government’s ability to achieve it vision 20/30 Plan for Health by addressing the public health and environmental issues that give rise to illness and death.

The Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation (JDCF) Public Health and the Environment Directorate’s major role is to promote a healthier environment, intensify primary prevention and influence public policies in Jamaica so as to address the root causes of environmental threats to health in that country. Working in collaboration with the Government of Jamaica, the Directorate will actively engage in identifying priority areas of need, particularly where international skills and expertise can be utilized in resolving local public health issues such as:

• Assessing risks and formulating evidence-based norms and guidance on major environmental hazards to health.
• Creating guidance, tools and initiatives to facilitate healthy policy development and implementation in priority sectors.
• Developing health promotion and other relevant outreach programs for the general public.
• Providing financial and other resources where applicable.
• Establish linkages with relevant local and international private sector groups, educational institutions and professional organizations.

For more information about Dr. Thompson and JDCF contact Valarie Steele 416-656-4624 or Kingsley Gilliam 647-267-1774



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