World Renowned FAB 5 Band Continues to Mesmerize Fans

Four decades of making music have matured the Fab 5 Band into one of the best exponents of the vocal and instrumental art of music that the Caribbean has ever seen. The Fab 5 Band embodies the history of Reggae and its high standards endear its billing as Jamaica's top Show band.

The Fab 5 Band, formed in 1970, is celebrating 42 years of excellence in the music industry and has been Jamaica’s number- one music band for decades, whether measured by record sales, hits, frequency of engagements, or major awards won over the years. The band has consistently attained success by recognising that to remain a fan favourite; each of its members must adapt to the popular changes in Reggae, Soca, or other genres of music, but still maintain professionalism.

Fab 5’s early recognition came with the release of their first recording, Come Back and Stay. This song topped the Jamaican music charts. Since this hit song, the band has won countless awards for the quality and professionalism of their music.

The Fab 5 band has had numerous hits throughout the years and has also provided the backing for many famous recordings and festivals, most notably being the band on Johnny Nash's most famous recordings including his platinum album, I Can See Clearly Now. Two singles from that album, Guava Jelly, and Stir It Up, established the late Bob Marley as a major songwriter on the international scene.

The band has released 21 albums and they have been as successful as the band’s single releases. Their multi-award winning Soca album, Yu Safe, was probably the most popular album produced in Jamaica in the decade of the '80's.  A compact disc (CD) of some of their biggest hits ‑ Fab 5 Greatest Hits – has been released along with five of their newest compact disc albums – Good Buddy the massively successful Fab 5 Live – The Ultimate Vintage Jamaican Party Mix Part 1 and the equally successful follow-ups …Part 2Part 3 and the recently released…Part 4. A box set with all four discs is also available.

Fab 5’s Soca favorite, Shape, is still very popular and the band’s versatility is proved by its all-ska album Ska Time. The late musician and journalist Sonny Bradshaw said, "They are the only Jamaican band still playing authentic ska."  The band’s latest release is a live tribute to Jamaica 50, –50 Years of Jamaican Music 1962-2012- which has been selling briskly.

The Fab 5 Band is always in great demand for music concerts and studio work. The band is the leader in creating commercial jingles for radio and television in Jamaica. Its work in this segment of the entertainment industry has earned Fab 5 many prestigious awards, including four golden microphones. The Fab 5 Band is the most sought after band for almost every Jamaican national and state occasion since the mid‑1970s.  In 2003 Fab 5 received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in The Performing Arts for their services to Jamaican music.

Fab 5 has combined its commercial success with the creative segment of the music industry. Hence, the band has its own recording studio (Stage Studio), record label, and distribution company (Stage Records).

The Fab 5 Band has also triumphed with its own compositions of Soca, enchanted audiences with soul, funky, rock, jazz, disco, and classical music. The Band’s collaboration on a 2002 Christmas album, Christmas in the Sun, is one of the most successful Christmas albums by any Jamaican music group. In 1999, the Fab 5 Band won the coveted awards for both the Reggae and Soca albums of the year at the Reggae and Soca Awards in Miami.

Musicianship, dedication, integrity, and discipline are the endorsements of the Fab 5 Band. The band has earned and retained the respect of the music industry, critics, and the general public for more than four decades and is set to attain more success in the future.

There is no denying that Fab 5 has a massive and loyal international fan base due to hard work and great showmanship. Fans in Baltimore will be able to see and hear them on October 27, 2012 as the Fab 5 Band continues to celebrate both Jamaica’s and Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th years of independence. They will be appearing at the Patapsco Arena, and you can call 410-908-0123 for more information or visit FAB 5



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