Words have Power!

Words have Power!

The spoken or written word has magic powers.  Words really do have the ability to make you soar or fall.   Words can entertain, comfort and empower.  It is a wonderful thing if your gift from words have the above results but that does not always happen because words also have the power to hurt.

Kindness through words is a gift that can easily be given.  It does not cost anything and will almost always inspire, comfort or empower.  Readers receive inspiration, comfort, entertainment and empowerment from positive written words.  Individuals like myself enjoy readings from authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Iyanla Vansant, Barack Obama and Chinua Achebe just to name a few.  Each of these individuals give the gift of the written word in slightly different forms however, all of them promote positivity.

Authors play leading roles in lives.  Their words have helped many of us even though they might not be aware of it.  We learn from words.  In some cases it is productive while others are not.  An individual who does not know how to bake can read a book, follow instructions and be successful in baking a cake.  This is great because that person was inspired enough by the words to actually fulfill their need to bake.

Words have Power!

On the other hand a book or individual promoting negative race relations or one misrepresenting the significance of positive race relations empowers those who want to stir up trouble among the races.  This kind of negative press, does nothing but harm both the person reading it and the person that is affected by the readers so called knowledge.

Words do hurt and the hurt can trigger an even bigger situation.  All you have to do is listen to what is going on right now in the political arena.  Donald Trump is anti every race but his. Almost every word that comes out of his mouth is inflammatory and only makes race relations strain a little more.  He is like spilled gasoline.  He spreads hateful words that flows freely and takes root.  Words.  I cringe every time I hear his words.

Sadly the problem not only lies with Donald Trump.  Parents must be overly conscious of what is said around and to their children.  Build up your child’s self-esteem. Don’t crush it before it can bloom.  Children are innocent.  They do not need to be exposed to the negativity the world offers.  Comfort them with your words while they are in the home, that way when they venture out, they have a buffer for what is out there.  Show and expose them to love.  Treat them like the treasures they are.  Actually, teach them and let them learn by example.

If you are a bigot, the likelihood of your child growing up to become bigots increases exponentially.  Practice diversity and teach your children how to live in a diverse society.  Behavior is definitely learned and so our children tend to become who we are.   Really think about your words and behavior around not just your children but any child.  Watch your words because they do have power.  Littler ears pick up a lot, so be aware.

By Janet Chambers

Words have Power!

Janet Chambers

I am an author who self publishes.  My books can be found on Amazon.com or my website, Islandgrlbooks.  I also have a weekly blog which is also published on my website. This blog is meant to inspire.   Please feel free to check out my web page and subscribe so than you will have access to my Newsletter with the first publication happening in June.  My books involve LGBT couples who find love in a world that tells them they are wrong to even believe it can happen for them.  I write romance and erotica’s and my couples always find their HEA.



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