Wintley Phipps will share the Dynamics of a Dream at the Power of Networking Event at the University of Maryland

Wintley Phipps will share the Dynamics of a Dream at the Power of Networking Event at the University of Maryland

Wintley Phipps

As an entrepreneur or business owner, what are you essentially working on, if not a dream? Yes a dream, a cherished aspiration or ambition. This aspiration or ambition might even manifest as a dream during sleep with images of what the venture or business might become. Converting a dream into action is what makes the difference between the surviving and the thriving business. This is exactly what the Caribbean Business Alliance holds as its aim on September 20th, 2017, with its Power of Networking Symposium at the Samuel Riggs IV Centre, University of Maryland.

Entrepreneurs and business owners attending the Power of Networking Symposium will learn about attracting new customers, gaining marketing insight, and enhancing brand credibility.

Beckoning and Imprinting your Brand

One thing entrepreneurs and business owners need to do is to make the dream a reality. Entrepreneurs and business owners also need to know how to begin beckoning their brand and how to continue imprinting it in the minds of others.

The Caribbean Business Alliance understands ‘that one thing’ and therefore, has among its speakers, Mr. Wintley Phipps. With 25 studio albums, having sung for six U.S. Presidents, world renowned for his booming bass voice, and his success with the U.S. Dream Academy, Mr. Phipps brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in making dreams become realities.

Hold a Vision

Wintley Phipps was born in Trinidad & Tobago and grew up in Montreal, Canada. As a child, Wintley would often go to the back of his house and dream of flying to faraway places in the world, meeting important people, and doing important things.

Starting a business may come with many obligations and challenges and as the business grows, the caretaker of that business needs to do just what Wintley did, hold a vision of where that business might go, in what ways it might expand and or diversify, with whom it might partner and so much more.

Wintley understood these essentials intuitively so well that as a youngster he would sometimes stuff a handful of luggage tags into his pocket and fill them out: Wintley Phipps, Flight 393 London or Flight 768 Paris.

Dream into Action

While many ideas might arise, the business owner must eventually focus on one or two. For Wintley, his focus was music. He had no voice teacher, but exercised real creativity and resourcefulness—two business watchwords—and found his voice teacher on the radio. The radio!  He did not stop there; he studied and learned from his radio voice teacher, practicing to perfect the sound. Later he would write thanking his musical north star, Tom Jones, informing him that he had sung for six U.S. Presidents, and was the last person to sing “Amazing Grace” for Mother Teresa before she died.

Phipps got an e-mail saying “Sir Tom Jones would like to see you when you come to Las Vegas.”

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So, what can you expect? Attending entrepreneurs and business owners can expect useful insights into how to network on a higher level. Networking involves making those mutually beneficial connections and Wintley Phipps offers that and much more and is available to share at the event the opportunities that businesses often miss to creatively connect for massive returns.

C.E.O. & Founder of U.S. Dream Academy

The U.S. Dream Academy raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a values-based, interactive, tutorial and remedial education program, targeting children and at-risk youth through community Family Learning Centers located in various states. Wintley formed the U.S. Dream Academy to help children who have had a family member behind bars. The program provides mentoring, academic tutoring, and exposure to computers and the Internet.

The Academy was founded in 1998 and has continued successfully for the last 20 years. In fact, it now has seven centers around the U.S.: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Houston, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, and Orlando. They have over 40 employees around the country, lots of volunteers and mentors, and raise about $250,000 every month to sustain operations. Phipps noted, “The Dream Academy has been well blessed with benefactors.”

Bettering that Beckoning of a Brand

Unlike the entrepreneur or business owner who provides a client/customer/consumer needed service or product, Wintley Phipps has been moving forward a social dream within a non-profit organization. Considering the depth of skill required in terms of networking, and the ability to sell that dream to others to the point where they actually actively invest, and to do so successfully for at least two decades, gives us a glimpse of how this speaker can support business owners in the art of attracting new customers, tackling marketing trouble spots and enhancing brand credibility.

The U.S. Dream Academy has been able to secure some funding from the Department of Justice, which funds only a few of the community organizations that send proposals.

Phipps noted, “Thousands have come through our program. In Orlando, where the high school graduation rate is about 70%, 92% of our Dream Academy students have completed high school. We prepare them for school success.”

The opportunity is now extended to you too to become better positioned for future business success by better branding and sustaining the dream.

By Kerriann Toby

Kerriann Toby holds a Master of Counselling and Bachelor of Psychology. She is a dynamic therapist, trained mediator; and educator since 2000. In addition to being a trained educator, mediator, and therapist, she is a Certified Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Professional. Kerriann has also trained in cybercounseling and holds clinical registration with Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) & Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

In mid-October 2015 she initiated operations of KarryOn geared toward the provision of a variety of enhancement and developmental services for the individual, groups and the organization; e-Coaching/Counseling, Mediation, EAP Services and the creative presentation of psycho-social information. She can be reached at:



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