Will Americans allow President Obama to be impeached?

President Obama - photo - www.whitehouse.gov

President Obama – photo – www.whitehouse.gov

Why stay at home and let this happen? He is one of the best Presidents for the past century. He has done so much to effectively benefit the majority of Americans. He could do a lot more if the Republicans in the US Congress (House and Senate) were not beholden to special interests groups, lobbyists, and vulture capitalists — the 3% who use money to dictate policies — by using $Billions to advertise and promote lies, fears, and hatred.

America is a much divided country — politically, socially, and morally — Americans can change this divide.

Why are Americans divided? Because of the tenets of the Constitution; existing original dictates, and amended versions of those dictates, and the control that the Supreme Court has over all laws.

If you believe that all men are created equal and have the same rights as the other, vote for Democrats. Do not allow President Obama to be impeached because he, as a Black man, was elected President of the US — this is not a crime.

Do not listen to the political pundits, radio and television pundits, and the various polls. Go vote, I will vote tomorrow. Urge a friend to vote for all Democratic candidates.

By: Karl A. Haughton



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