Why The Head Girl?

The enlightening and thought-provoking stageplay, The Head Girl, is written by one of Jamaica’s most prolific playwrights, Paul O. Beale, is less than two weeks away on April 6, 2018, and theatergoers in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada would want to ask The Real Queens Productions, one simple question, why The Head Girl?

“The days of children should be heard and not seen, is #nomore. Listen closely to each other and remember communication is key,” says Theresa “Pinky Baker, Co-Producer/Director/Actress.

Why the Head Girl?

Theresa “PINKY” Baker – Co-Producer/Director/Actress

Okay, we must admit The Head Girl is huge! After all, let’s consider the topics it covers with: family relationships, father-daughter dynamics, mother-daughter dynamics, teen friends and family and their peer counselor role, parents protecting children in a bid to do good and then it backfiring, leaving the door open with teen daughters for grown men to slide in, trying to deal with issues, but then jumping from the frying pan into the fire, transferring paternal love to partners, men and their sensitivity to seductions and of course drama.

So who is The Head Girl? The Queens might want you to keep guessing, but to put it in a synopsis, our Head Girl is your everyday teen, the popular girl at a popular high school. As with most teen girls, she wants her freedom, but ‘daddy dearest’ maybe reluctant because he knows all too well what those young guys do and he works hard to protect his ‘baby girl.’ ‘He got this’ he thinks, that idea of having the shotgun ready, but that sounds good in theory. In reality teens, rebel, and so did Tanya to the point where she resented daddy. Yes, ‘mommy’ tries to find out what is happening with her girl, but of course, she turns to her older cousin. Is her cousin able? What do you think?

All of that stress, it’s too much. Then her answer was there in the Math class. Tanya looked and saw her savior; surely he would make it all better. Tantalizing teen Tanya went to work and could Sir resist?

Why the Head Girl?

Latoya Lloyd – Co-Producer/Stage Manager

“Theatergoers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will support and accept the play because it portrays the social issues faced by many each day. Numerous people can relate to the messages in the play. Real Queen Productions plan to provide entertainment to elicit meaningful conversations at the dinner table, dialogues amongst friends, and don’t forget the laughter that can change or can make a difference in one’s everyday life,” says Latoya Lloyd, Co-Producer/Stage Manager.

Now that we know who is The Head Girl, it is only fitting to find out who are the supporters of The Head Girl.

The first supporter must surely be the one who authored this entire play. The playwright is none other than Mr. Paul O. Beale, one of Jamaica’s most prolific playwrights with more than forty commercial plays and screenwriter for nearly two hundred episodes of TV dramas. Beale has also published four novels and is a film director, producer, and screen acting coach. Surely then, this playwright’s actresses are in good hands, not that actress/director/co-producer, Theresa ‘Pinky’ Baker even needs it as she has best been described as a natural born entertainer having been born to a professional actress and having her skills sharpened from very young.

One has to suppose viewers of The Head Girl would really be in for a treat when we have Theresa in the cast, who has delivered sterling performances for Sir Charles, Prince of Wales while performing with renowned Caribbean groups Ashe and Area Youth Foundation. Theresa has starred in TV commercials and remains unforgettable in “Mi Get Mi Landed-Part 2 as ‘Coco’. The classy, charismatic, and creative Latoya Lloyd also supports ‘The Head Girl’ in her role as co-producer/stage manager. Having made Canada her home in the 90’s and with her philosophy of ‘go hard or go home’, The Head Girl is sure to be a real treat.

The man of the moment is none other than Jamaican born Chris Hutchinson, assistant director, and a commercial stage and film actor. He has appeared in ten plays with Jambiz between 2004-2009 and one in 2013 with Basil Dawkins. He has toured the U.S.A., the Caribbean, and Canada while learning from Jamaica theatre great Oliver Samuels and Glen Campbell. In 2014 he entered the U.S.A. market starring in Miami-based Sunshine Theatre Company’s production of Ray Coonney’s Run for Your Wife.

Yes, there is another man in The Head Girl. Robert Gordon brings dramatic moments and cheerful entertainment to The Head Girl. This budding thespian migrated to Canada from Jamaica and has performed in roles which have accentuated his talents and dynamic stage presence. While in Jamaica Robert was a regular player in the national LTM pantomime from 2005 to 2010. He also performed in stage plays including If A Nuh So, Combolo, HOWZZAT and Nuff An Plenty. Since migrating to Canada, Robert has had roles in Devon Haughton’s Mi Get Mi Landed (part 1 & 2), and Basil Lopez’s Travelling Man. Robert Gordon is currently pursuing a degree in Social Work at York University in Toronto, Canada.

Could you imagine the Run for Your Wife actor now getting together on stage with ‘Fancy Lady’? Well, this is exactly what would be happening in The Head Girl as actress Christine Williams who began her musical journey in family group ‘Fancy Face Girls’ and then to become part of the group “Team S.M.P” with the popular track ‘Summer Time.’ She has done other tracks such as Funjoyment produced by Cory from Music Force and has also done collaborations with various artists in Canada such as Eyesus, Bobby Slice, Guchi Automatic, Faze and Norval Edgehill to name a few. ‘Fancy Lady’ also featured in the Reggae Xclusive Magazine more than once, and was awarded for New Voice in Reggae 2014, and was a major success at Buss 2017. She is currently the Marketing Manager for the online radio show called Blue box Radio Active (based in the U.K.) and the CEO for her label FL. Production.

Why the Head Girl?

Kameka Morrison

Imagine amongst all this experience and expertise on stage adding a newbie in the mix, but ‘The Queens’ might explain that this is simply another reason Why The Head Girl. After all that is known, we are yet to know what to truly expect when they come together on stage. Thus, we have actress Kameka Morrison, an empathic communicator, who draws in her viewers with this said empathy. No surprise then, Kameka is also a trained Educator and Guidance counselor who, when not engaged in these fields, is transforming lives through her motivational and public speaking workshops. She has appeared in productions such as “The Life of Joseph” and thrives on bringing conviction and passion to every role. Kameka is excited to make her Canadian debut as Catherine in the Real Queens production of “The Head Girl”!

Do we still need to wonder ‘Why The Head Girl?’ No need to, because on April 6, 2018, we can simply find ourselves at The Jamaican Association at 995 Arrow Road, North York, ON at 8 pm. For more information realqueensproductions@gmail.com

By Kerriann Toby

Why the Head Girl?



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