Why is the US President’s Residence Called The White House?

We all know that Washington, DC is the home of all of our most important federal buildings, some of our most famous national monuments, and, of course, the White House where our president lives. But have you ever wonder why it’s called the “White House”?

Interestingly enough the White House was designed by James Hoban, an Irish architect, after he won the contest for best design. They began building the White House in 1792 and the first president to live in it was President John Adams and his wife. At that time it was called the “President’s House”. So where the name “White House” did comes from?

Well, when the War of 1812 started, the British army was still sore from the licking they took in the American Revolution, so they were determined to get even. And one great way was to burn down our capitol city and everything in it. So the British troops stormed our capitol city and took it over, and immediately made plans to burn it down. And one of the buildings they set on fire was the President’s home.

Fortunately, the house did not burn completely down, but the outside was turned black from the smoke and fire damage. So, after the war the president’s house was painted, you guessed it, it was painted white, and people started calling it the “White House”. And in 1901, President Teddy Roosevelt officially named it the “White House”.

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