Why don’t we teach to chase failures?


Failure – it is such a hard word for us to swallow. We are always resisting failures and why we shouldn’t – it does not make us happy or give any sense of accomplishment. For some, going through a failure is the end of the world. We are all so programmed to be success conscious all the time that going through failure can be really detrimental. Most of us do not know how to handle failures in life; some of us wallow in self-pity, lose self-confidence, have low self-image and the list can go on and on. If one does not get help at the right time, it could completely mess up their whole life.

How does one get to success without failures? I am yet to understand that. Why is failing such a big deal – if someone wanted everything to be perfect in their lives, do they understand that  this privilege is only of the person who is buried six feet under  the earth, in another way someone who is  dead. I think if you read or listen to most successful people, all of them will tell you that they are where they are because they have made more mistakes in their lives. I believe if you are a person who is scared of failure, you are not a risk taker. This is because you are afraid of rejections. If this is your trait, then you can never be an entrepreneur. Period!

Whether be it a day today living or in corporate and business environments – we are conditioned to measure our success. For example, the success of a sales person is measured by how many deals he is able to bring in. Have you ever thought – what it would be like, if you were to switch the dynamics? Instead of counting how many successful calls, flip the measure to the most number of rejections a person went through in the day. You will be amazed to see how magical the results would be. By doing this, not only have you have taken away the fear of failure, but also given people the permission to fail and be applauded for it. Try doing this and watch the magic happen in your sales team.

Learn from your failure. Every failure is an opportunity for you to learn. A great resource on this is the book by John Maxwell “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”  Take the risk, try new things, and unlearn to learn because it is OK to make mistakes.

By Subarna Gupta

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Republished with her permission

Subarna GuptaSubarna Gupta, Owner of S.M.Consulting and Services Inc, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s. Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing. Ms. Gupta has more than 15 years of experience working with international brands. A marketing and advertising professional, her expertise in multiple continents across multi cultural go-to-market strategy and brand development have gone a long way.

As the owner of a health and wellness company that provides organic heath, wellness and beauty products, she started her own distribution business and has exceeded the sales quotas for the last three years. Being her own boss has its benefits, and Ms. Gupta attributes her success to her hard work. A mentor of 20, she earned a Bachelor of Engineering and a master’s degree in human resources, both earned in India. She has been given the Achiever’s Award not once, not twice, but four times. Looking toward the future, she intends to reach the level where the company runs itself.

Ms Gupta is always looking for ways to challenge her status quo, and it is not surprising that she has started a new journey. She is working on her first book “Onwards” which is based on success principles through stories of Women Entrepreneurs. She believes there is a huge potential in women entrepreneurs, and this book will help fuel that. As much, she is ambitious, she lives in the moment and believes in digging deep to bring out the best in her.

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