Why Barbados? One of The Most Beautiful and Dynamic Caribbean Islands

Top Four Things to Do In Barbados

Barbados is one of the most beautiful and dynamic islands in the Caribbean region. In fact, hordes of tourists travel to this Eastern Caribbean Island every year.

With beautiful beaches, interesting people and duty-free shopping, Barbados has positioned itself as the perfect travel destination. Moreover, there are many more features that make Barbados a hot favorite with travelers visiting the Caribbean. The Barbados Concorde Experience, the Mullins Beach, the St Nicholas Abbey are just a few of the popular crowd pullers in Barbados. If you are considering visiting the island this winter; here’s is a quick to help you make the most of your visit to Barbados.

Why Barbados? One of The Most Beautiful and Dynamic Caribbean Islands

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1.      Check  in and Relax

One of the first things you should ensure you do after checking in is to relax. On the first day, check in; relax and then find a nearby the beach or poolside for a swim and/or snorkeling. By doing so, you won’t be too taxed after your arrival, after these activities you can move back to your restroom and relax again. For example, for those travelling to the south, Crane Beach is an ideal place where you can move on the first day with your friends or family for a picnic! Get some umbrellas and lounge chairs from the local vendor and relax.

The beach offers you breathtaking views, the blue waters, white sandy beach, the cliff, green vegetation and coconut palms to soothe your eyes. The sea shore is perfect wading and swimming.

2.      Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is located in a natural Mahogany forest near the Farley Hill National Park and gives a unique opportunity to stroll through it and watch the animals at a close range in their natural home. Not only does Barbados enjoy a wide variety of wide animals, but many of them are endemic as well. The Barbados Green Monkeys, colorful birds, reptiles, armadillo, Brocket Deer, etc. can be seen here.

Why Barbados? One of The Most Beautiful and Dynamic Caribbean Islands

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Your entry fee to the Reserve also gives you an access to the adjacent Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station. Later in the afternoon, drive to the north-eastern area to visit the famous St Nicholas Abbey, Farley Hill Mansion Ruins and the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill.

3.      Scuba dive in Carlisle Bay and Travel Bridgeport

Carlisle Bay is a roped off area where Scuba diving is popular. With 8 ship wrecks, turtles and abundant sea life — in a drop off covering about 60 feet — you will find the bay a wonderful place for snorkeling and other water sports. The water’s edge is about 20 yards from the benches on the shore; if you are not diving, the beach is a good place to work on your tan.

In the afternoon, you can head to Bridgetown — the capital and the largest city in Barbados — for a more relaxed time. Here you can visit many locations such as the St Anne Port, the Barbados Museum, the Pelican Village and Craft Centre, and the Queen’s Park.

4.      Visit Harrison’s Cave and Barbados’ Natural World

If you have time, one place that is worthy of a visit is Harrison’s Cave. Here, you will discover amazing underground waterfalls, streams, stalactites and stalagmites. Then you can visit the Barbados’ Orchid World, and have a look at the rich tropical blooms in their most elegant colors. Later on, visit the Bathsheba Community Center and the East Coast Cattlewash. Drive back to your lodge and relax.

Why Barbados? One of The Most Beautiful and Dynamic Caribbean Islands

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The narrative above essentially wraps up some of the most popular and frequented attractions in Barbados. We have chosen not to include the clichéd beach and other common attractions that can be accessed on any other islands. These particular attractions show the uniqueness and beauty of Barbados, an amazing island in its own right.

By Norvan Martin



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