Why Am I Fat?

Why am I fat? Does the dull thought occur in our mind when we have excess weight around our body. You are not alone, there are many of us who have the same fate but one thing for sure, we are not asking for it and we definitely want to change for good. Read on and perhaps, you’ll be aware the reasons behind being fat.

obese manHow we define fat? Fat, or being obese, is defined as having excessive amount of fat in your body and to know if the person is obese or not we use body mass index (BMI) as the scale to measure the weight of a person relative to his height. And being overweight means you have the index of more than 30.

There are many reasons why we are fat. When genetics seems to play a role in defining our body shape as well as the rate of our body metabolizes the fat off, other factors are actually controllable by us if we make effort to it. Consuming diet full in simple sugars and lack of nutrients will only cause your body to become overweight; particularly if you don’t burn the fat by being activephysically and engage in regular exercise. In fact, a study shows that two hours of watching TV has been linked to adding extra weight as well as expanding the shape of your body.

The thin shape adored by many is not new; for years, society around the world view obese and overweight people as unattractive, not obviously healthy, and definitely not cool. It’s because slim and svelte are the good signs of health, being physically fit, and it is even the symbol of wholesome beauty and you can see this definition in commercials and movies.

No doubt, being obese is costly and will burn your wallet in the long run. A study made by George Washington University shows that medical bills (that takes a big chunk of the total cost), disability, and loss of productivity are all associated with having the extra weight. And they don’t even add on travelling, transportation, and missed opportunities. To put it simply, an obese body makes your future look bleak.

Grocery_bag_of_junk_foodsIt’s not just your money, countless negative health effects go hand in hand with being obese and it can lead to your death. Diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and arthritis are just some of the diseases of being in expanded shape.

The solution that you can take is to trim your shape now by adopting a healthy, heart-friendly diet with regular exercise to lower the scale and to prevent the negative health effects associated with it. You can do so by learning ways of getting healthy and even join support groups that can help you achieve a slimmer body faster. In few weeks, people will definitely see what a true beauty you are. .

How have obesity affected your lifestyle? Have you finally made up your mind to get rid of those wretched fats finally? Please do share with us.

By Liya Das

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