Who Gains from the Legalization of Marijuana?

Who Gains from the Legalization of Marijuana?

It was not long ago that marijuana was seen as one of the worst evils to hit the US. Jamaica, other Caribbean islands, and Mexico were always shown as the places to fight the ‘war on drugs’. These countries were maligned as the countries bringing this ‘illegal product’ into the US to destroy its citizens.

The urban areas of the US were also common battle grounds for the ‘war on drugs’.

Get caught with a joint, off to jail you went — mug shot, interrogation, and marginalization. Today, there are billboards promoting its use, state and federal legalization is encouraging its use, and a multi- billion dollar industry (which was always controlled by the dominant Race in the US) has surfaced for all to see.

Who: is gaining, has always gained, and will continue gaining from the marijuana industry? Not my poor Jamaican brethren, who may sell a quarter pound every day.

Do you know of any ‘legalized’ marijuana store in the Caribbean, Mexico, or Urban area of the US?

As a Jamaican, I take strong offense to the notion perpetrated by many Americans, that all Jamaicans smoke weed, sell weed, or know someone who sells weed.

The marijuana industry will be as prevalent as the tobacco industry — the next ad is coming to your electronic device shortly!

By Karl A. Haughton

Image courtesy of www.jrn.com



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