What is the Tallest Waterfall on the Island of Grenada?

Tufton Hall Waterfall-Grenada 2013

The Tufton Hall Waterfall is located in St. Mark’s, Victoria, Grenada. It is the tallest waterfall on Grenada and was just recently discovered.
The only way to visit the waterfall is to hike for approximately 3 hours through technical terrain. However, the hike itself is an adventure, and this adventure is not your typical hike.
The typical mountain hikers goal is to reach the summit – that is its sole and primary purpose -however, in this adventure, and that is exactly what it is, an adventure, one will see incredible sights of unending waterfalls, swimming pools, sulfur springs, and of course, the largest waterfall on the island of Grenada.

The adventure will vary for each hiker ranging from extremely challenging, to a light morning hike depending on how far you want to go up the river.


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