What is it about Caribbean women?

What makes  Caribbean women so different that men from other countries want to wed them, magazines and popular television shows want to interview them, modeling agencies and music producers want to sign them, and businesses want to hire them?

The Caribbean islands are home to very diverse and culturally-oriented women, not to mention attractive. These women have a sense of pride and their unique character is not easily found in any other parts of the world.

What is it about Caribbean women?

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They are also extremely confident. If they know that they are attractive they will make it known ten-fold. It is hard for a Caribbean woman to go into a room and not command attention, or not take center stage and have all eyes on her. Caribbean women tend to speak assertively and put their ‘best foot forward’.

They also have a strong sense of pride and dignity for themselves and their country.  Caribbean women are athletes, educators, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, politicians, performing artistes, and many other professionals; and always pay tribute to their country and are very proud to represent their homeland.

Ability to Nurture

Women are natural nurturers and with a Caribbean woman, her good qualities and admirable characteristics make her the epitome of a nurturer.  Although it is in their makeup for women to be nurturing individuals— Caribbean women are taught from an early age—the tricks of the trade relative to caring for their families and homes which make them excellent caregivers.

Other discernible qualities which Caribbean women possess are commitment and determination, perseverance through adversity and resoluteness to better their lives and that of their loved ones.

Commitment to Morals and Values

They are also firmly rooted in the morals and values passed down from generation to generation in their families. How they were socialized has also impacted who they become as a person and who they hope to be in the future as they constantly see growing as an integral part of the development of character.

Caribbean women usually have very strong pristine morals and positive values which stay with them throughout their lives. Their dedication to themselves and their families spiritually, physically, and emotionally is a quality admired by people around the world. Whether it is a commitment to their jobs, relationships, or spirituality Caribbean women have the tendency to give it their all and nothing less.


A Caribbean woman’s sense of expression is impactful and shows a distinct difference from other cultures in the way they dress, speak, and present themselves as individuals. They bring a sense of uniqueness—culturally diverse and different from any other region in the world. The style and character of Caribbean women contribute positively to the wider world population and while they reside in a small region, they make lasting memories. Festivities such as Carnival is one event in which Caribbean women freely express themselves, and while Carnival is held in most Caribbean countries, the largest and most memorable and sought after Carnival is hosted by Trinidad and Tobago annually.

Work Ethic

Caribbean women have the determination to work through all trials and tribulations and come out on top. Their perseverance and skill to keep committed to a job or task, make them favored by companies and organizations around the world. For example; the work and travel and language programmes in countries such as Japan and China, the UK and the United States have requested Caribbean women continually because of their character and work ethic. Most of the employees and persons who have experienced these programmes (JOYST, Work, and Travel, Jobs in Canada, etc) have gotten excellent recommendations from very satisfied employers.

Overall, Caribbean women are great individuals, as with every culture, there is a diversity, and women always bring finesse, individuality, integrity, and their own uniqueness to the forefront. They make excellent workers, partners, friends and their qualities will always be admired by other cultures and audiences around the world.

By Alexandra Daley



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