What happened to CARIBANA?

Incite Films takes a rare look at what actually happened to CARIBANA™

What happened to CARIBANA

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After 39 years of creating and producing the largest street festival in North America, the Caribbean community has been forced to succumb to political and corporate pressure despite the fact that the festival generates over 430 million dollars of economic activity in the city of Toronto annually.

The public has not been informed of what actually happened, and only knows that the festival traditionally known as CARIBANA™ is now sometimes referred to as the Scotia bank Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

This documentary is a glimpse at the complex series of events that have taken place over the last decade that have affected the not-for-profit community organization CARIBANA™.

Here is quote from a lifelong advocate for CARIBANA, Big businesses want to steal the show away from the West Indians when they never gave it any money, and when they started to give a bit they now want to take it over. That will not happen they have to give it back to the people. Or there will be no money for the City to make off of it. It is the biggest show in town and it runs for 2 weeks.

This sentiment is felt and expressed by many in Canada and around the world.

Contact: George "Knia" Singh Chair (2012-2015)

T: 647-693-4441 
E: kniasingh@caribana.com 
W: http://www.caribana.com/




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