Wess Morgan in Heart 2 Heart Concert in Laurel, Maryland

big quote marksWess is a world renowned recording artist and pastor, has been elevating the lives of others through his music.


Wess Morgan will be in concert in Laurel, Maryland on November 15, 2014. The concert billed as Heart 2 Heart will be at Laurel High School, 8000 Cherry Lane at 6:30 pm, the admission charge is $35 per person. This concert also features Kevin LeVar and Kevina Love and will be hosted by Cheryl Jackson of Praise 104.1 FM.

Wess Morgan  - wqhs.org

Wess Morgan- photo – wqhs.org

Wess is a world renowned recording artist and pastor who has been elevating the lives of others through his music. He has established the Repre Foundation — a nonprofit organization focused on drug and alcohol prevention and recovery.  He also founded Bowtie World Music, a music and film production company. His first album, Look at Me Now, released in 2007 was quickly embraced by the Christian and gospel communities. His second album, Under an Open Heaven, appeared in 2010, and he released his third album entitled Livin’, in 2014. This album with singles such as You Paid It All and Cry are touching lives all over the world. His powerful and soulful voice and his refreshing delivery make him one of the most talented and anointed gospel / inspirational artists of this generation.


Kevin LeVar – Photo – Erma Byrd

Heart 2 Heart also features Kevin LeVar whose music has touched the lives of Christian music powerhouses such as Tina Campbell and Deitrick Haddon. LeVar recorded his latest album with the help of reformed drug dealers and prostitutes in a rehabilitation facility.

In a recent article he stated that, “It is there that gang-bangers, drug dealers, prostitutes and others who seek help find refuge, Bible studies and rehabilitation for themselves and their families. I felt the Dream Center would be the perfect place because I felt the Lord telling me, you know this record is for the Josephs. This is for the one that the people have overlooked, the one that they’ve thrown away,” LeVar told The Christian Post. “So we went to The Dream Center and we had 50 or 60 of those precious men and women piled into the studio. They’re the ones singing the chorus on Born To Be Great,” he continued.

Kevina Love is a gospel artist from a rich heritage of singers; her grandmother sang with The Gospel Travelers and her mother was a backing vocalist to Patti Labelle.

Kevina Love

Kevina Love – photo – http://www.reverbnation.com/

At age 13, Kevina headed a music group; one year later she vowed to sing for the Lord. She has had many opportunities to return to singing R&B on a professional level, but she decided to stay true to her calling to sing for Jesus Christ.

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