Visual Arts in South Africa

South Africa is truly the home of visual arts in Africa. The country has a rich and long long history of visual arts which express the rich history and culture. The numerous art museums and galleries are South Africa's testament to this. Visiting the different galleries exposes you to the rich art which the government has taken great effort to conserve.

Simply put, visual art is all about the art that you can see and touch.  In SA, there are many different expressions of visual arts that you can think of.


Photography in South Africa is thriving because of its interesting and diverse culture, beautiful landscape, rich flora and fauna. A good number of South African photographers have featured their master pieces all over the world. Wild life photography is of a particular interest in the country.  The annual Agfa Wild Life and Environment Photography Awards have attracted participants from all over the world as one of the most prestigious photography awards.


The crafts sector has been instrumental in creating employment for the numerous craft artisans in South Africa. The Department of Art and Culture has stepped in to help market craftsmen all over the world. The government is using the Annual Crafts award to encourage  craftsmen and artisans to promote their works. The supportive efforts of the Department of Art and Culture are targeted towards clay pottery, textiles and embroidery with initiatives such as the opening of the Art and Craft gallery known as the Vhutsila a Vhu Tibiwi. The department is also encouraging the use of computer aided designs to improve on the quality and to keep the country on the cutting edge of technology.


If you are looking for rich architecture that is a perfect blend between traditional and modern architecture in Africa, you will find it in SA.  Architecture in South Africa has evolved over the years and now, buildings are created with state of the art features with a strong touch of South African Culture. The country has various bodies such as Sahra and Heritage South Africa that protect buildings that are historical landmarks.

Various universities have Schools of Architecture that train architects and other practitioners in the construction sector.

If you are looking to experience rich visual art in Africa, South African will give you more than you expect. There is no better way to understand the culture and history than through the visual art from this part of the continent.




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