Using Essential Oils To Restore Balance & Healthy Romance

Using Essential Oils To Restore Balance & Healthy Romance

Did You Know?

The romance experience between couples can fade as we hustle and bustle from day to day. We have to be mindful to keep the fire going in and outside of the bedroom.

Luckily we have Essential Oils to bring back the flame and sensuality to any couples relationship. There are Essential Oils with aphrodisiac qualities.

Here are the Top 4 Essential Oils that stimulate your sense and boost the libido

First on my list is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Ylang-Ylang relaxes, slows a racing heart, and calms in times of stress.  It decreases blood pressure and boosts mood.

Ylang-Ylang works on the emotions. It is a well-known aphrodisiac as well as a support in times of bereavement. It doesn’t matter the situation. Ylang-Ylang will provide what you need if you are experiencing emotional hyper-arousal or upset.

It prevents both Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and Hyperpnea (fast, shallow breathing). This soothes the emotions of anxiety, anger, worry, and fear—and gets you in the mood for some loving! Its calming effects are particularly favored for deeper and more profound sexual experiences.

Second on my list is Jasmine Essential Oil. Jasmine has an amazing scent, aphrodisiac qualities and provides a balancing effect on the nervous system. Jasmine works on an emotional level. It helps calm frayed nerves and remedies depression, nervous exhaustion, and stress-related conditions. It produces feelings of optimism, confidence, and euphoria. It’s most useful in cases of apathy, indifference or listlessness. Use it to get the passion flowing.

Third on my list is Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender, as many of you know, is a fantastic all-around healer and promoter of peace, calm and relaxed feelings. Its fragrance soothes and sets the mood for both calm and passion.

A great way to introduce lavender oil into your bedroom plans is to mix 2 drops with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut or almond oil and massage over the heart area.

My fourth and final essential oil is Geranium Essential Oil which is fragrant oil that balances the emotions and gets the blood flowing. It has a balancing effect on hormones and increases circulation by enlarging capillaries.

Tip: to clear the room of negative energies and bring balance to your space diffuse 4-5 drops of the oil.

These essentials oil can be used in an essential oil diffuser applied topical or use aromatic. For safety always remember to never apply essential oils directly on the skin without using a carrier oil to eliminate skin irritation.

Life is a romantic cycle of falling in love, staying in love and finding new love!

Love is definitely in the air this spring just in time for you to discover your own personal Love Blend!

By Shanna Bynes

Shanna Bynes LME is an internationally recognized leading Medical Esthetic Educator specializing in dermal absorption of active ingredients and essential blended oils topical applications. With more than 17 years in the Aesthetic and Beauty industry, Shanna is also a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and Natural Nail Specialist, as well as, a Professional Makeup Artist, and certified in Reflexology. Shanna has represented many of the top companies in the beauty industry including L’Oréal Consumer Product Division, Vichy & La Roche Posay Laboratories, Estee Lauder Companies and Shiseido Americas Corporation.



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