UNCLE – chronicles the life and times of Grenada’s first Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy

Canadian premiere – Award winning play, UNCLE, written and directed by Richardo Keens-Douglas and produced by RKD Productions will be staged in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto event management company, Omango Promotions, is presenting Grenada’s premiere performing arts company, RKD Productions led by celebrated author and playwright Richardo Keens-Douglas, for the Canadian premiere of their latest theatrical production, UNCLE. The company will play three shows only; July 10, 11, & 12, 2015 at the Fairview Library Theatre, 35 Fairview Mall Drive, Toronto, Ontario.

Sold out in its debut release in Grenada this February ‘Uncle’ chronicles the life and times of Grenada’s first Prime Minister and Caribbean trade union leader, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy from pre-independence 1974 to his eventual overthrow in a coup by Maurice Bishop in Patrons will get a rare glimpse into history, politics and the Caribbean trade union movement in the mid-1970’s. Through Gairy’s story, Keens-Douglas also shares snippets of Grenadian life, bringing to the stage the unique traditions and expressions of Grenadian culture.

About the creator and director

Photo (dagnd.com)

Photo (dagnd.com)

Richardo Keens-Douglas, is a renowned Canadian film and stage actor and one of Canada’s best known names in storytelling circles as well as in literature and art. He is known for his work as an actor, writer, playwright, television and CBC radio host. Richardo was born in the Caribbean island of Grenada known as the “Isle of Spice”, where he spent his childhood and has since returned after a hurricane devastated the island in 2004. It is therefore no surprise that Keens-Douglas’ work and themes are mainly inspired to bring to life the stories of the Caribbean — to the stage and to the page. The enactment of ‘Uncle’ is no different. Keens-Douglas masterfully weaves together a historic tale of intrigue, power, politics and community.

About Omango Promotions

Founded in 2014, Omango Promotions is a full service event management company based in Toronto with a vision to celebrate and highlight the cultural diversity of the Caribbean.

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Uncle - Ricardo Keens-Douglas

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