Turks and Caicos Education Ministry Advises on Scholarships for 2015

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sport and Library Services is once again inviting candidates to submit applications for its annual scholarship Program for studies beginning September 2015.

Scholarship application

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Although the deadline for submission is April 30th 2015, the Secretariat is asking that interested applicants begin to consider their applications from very early and be guided by the information below.

The Ministry advises that the National Scholarship Program is a government scholarship program aimed primarily at meeting the development needs of the Turks and Caicos Islands. As such the government has listed a number of priority areas for which it aims to address and for which consideration for scholarships will be aimed in the first instance. A list of priority areas along with the policy document and applications forms will be uploaded on www.gov.tc. All interested applicants are asked to visit this site for these relevant documents.

Applicants are also advised that government can announce or reserve a block of funds for a particular area in any given year as it did with the area of Education for 2014. This is an indication of areas of importance for the country’s needs.

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