T&T – Survey is a Wake up Call says Kamla

PORT OF SPAIN — A wake-up call. That is how Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar described her reaction to the findings of the exclusive Market Facts and Opinion (MFO) survey. Persad-Bissessar, in a media statement, yesterday said the poll will “inspire” her Government to do more.

“What we take from it is the areas where we need to improve,” she said. “We can choose to shrug it off as imperfect or use it as a wake-up call to do more. The Government chooses the latter. Look out for an administration that is inspired to do even more,” she added.

“As a government in its mid-term, the continued faith in us must be encouraging despite any misgivings on areas where the electorate felt we can improve. The People’s Partnership was elected with huge expectation from a populace that had grown tired and frustrated with the former authoritarian, corrupt and uncaring regime they had endured for a long time. In this context, we always knew there would be an impatient public and an urgent requirement for much to be done in the shortest time possible,” she said.

The prime minister added that the survey seemed to indicate “that the message on the development achieved by Government in several areas has not got through to the public”.

“So it is a balance between working harder to do more in all areas and improving on the message development on what we have in fact delivered. It is a welcome introspection for the Government and an opportunity to revisit the way things are being accomplished and while we accept that there is always reason to question any survey, its mechanisms and process, it’s always best to see what is wrong and work harder to make it right in service to the people,” she said.

In an already tense political environment, the recent findings of the MFO survey have become yet another bone of contention between the Government and its dissenters.

While some Government members dismissed the dip in favour as customary mid-term blues, the increased disapproval rating translated into more ammunition for the opposition camp.

The MFO results, published in yesterday’s Sunday Express, garnered mixed responses and, in some cases, no response from the main players in the political landscape.

People’s National Movement leader Dr. Keith Rowley yesterday said the drop in the approval ratings did not surprise him. In a telephone interview yesterday, Rowley said he did not need a poll to tell him that people were now more unhappy with the People’s Partnership Government.

“With this government, things are going from bad to worse,” Rowley said. “Polls have their place but the MFO survey did not tell me anything I did not know already,” he said.

Rowley said the MFO survey simply proved what the he and the PNM have been saying all along. “We have been objecting to this Government for some time and instead of getting better, they are getting worse,” he said. (Express)



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