Trinidad and Tobago’s 2012 Calypso Monarch combines education and talent

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — It has been said that Caribbean countries only appreciate their heroes when they have passed on, but when it comes to Calypso superstar, Duane Donald O'Connor, this artist is realizing fame while he's still very much alive, following his dethronement of Karene Asche at the 2012 Calypso Monarch competition in Trinidad and Tobago, remaining true to his social and political commentary art form.
His two songs, "The Hunt is On" and "Long Live Calypso," received the judge's collective nod to take home the crown and one million dollars at The Dimanche Gras Show.
As the Young King for 2012, Duane is a unique talent with a love of music heard through his dominant blend of artistic folk music that addresses political, social and Caribbean issues unique to his style. 

What exactly makes Duane different? Plainly stated, some calypso artists demonstrate a depth of music that comes from their roots. Other calypso entertainers compose and perform music that comes from their soul. Others still create intense inspiration when engaging a crowd. 

With calypso artiste Duane O'Connor, you can expect it all. In fact, the newly crowned National Calypso Monarch has always felt a special affinity to calypso, even as far back as being a young child. Today, leaving his audiences captivated by his melodic sounds, he combines calypso lyrics with mesmerizing rhythms that literally make the heart soar. 

Using his education and musical abilities, he masterfully combines his education and musical talent to send a message of unity, responsibility and harmony to the world. 

Today, Duane serves as a police officer, where he pilots a program tailored specifically for the youth in the arts at a location in the western part of the country. On February 24, 2012 he was presented with an award by the police service for his marvelous achievement. 

Never in the history of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has a police officer ever captured the prestigious Calypso Monarch title, a title Duane proudly wears.



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