Trini Style Model Tout Le Monde

Whether you are from Trinidad, Jamaica, Tobago, Barbados or recently hurricane-hit Dominica or Barbuda, we know, as Caribbean people that we dress with style. In fact, we do a lot of things with style; so much so, that we have a phrase “you’re making style,” meaning the person is being coy.

It is a little wonder when one of our ladies who hail from one of our Caribbean islands makes their name as a ‘style model’ or as we more readily say a fashion model. This is just what seventeen-year-old Trinidadian model Naomi Chin Wing was doing when she walked the runway representing Yves Saint Laurent, and it is no wonder that Naomi did not go unnoticed. Why? Because, as Caribbean women, we move to a rhythm that is often admired, and to be sure our stylish movements have been celebrated in a song such as in David Rudder’s Bahia Girl. Of course, being a fashion model, there must have been some tweaking to Ms. Chin Wing’s movement. Her walk did not go unnoticed as Vogue magazine described her as “a striking 17-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago.”

Trini Style Model Tout Le Monde

So, “tout le monde” (French for everyone), could we not give Naomi “a round of Applause! Applause! Applause!” Please pardon the repetition, as the chorus of the Lada Gaga hit song Applause seemed to be ringing in my ears as a fitting chorus for Ms. Chin Wing.

Naomi’s walk all began with the idea “I have a dream!” Her dream was of going to Europe and conquering the runway like her favourite Puerto Rican supermodel Joan Smalls. Joan Smalls was another regional model who broke the style borders.

It was said of Joan Smalls;  “Smalls, who was Born in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, as Joan Smalls Rodriguez, is not just inspiring for fashion lines, but also broke beauty industry standards to become the first ever Latina face of cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in 2011.”

There is always room for one more, and then another and then another! Such positive and progressive style movements are the type we hope would spread throughout our region.

So, we dare introduce STYLE. No not Nike, Addidas or the like. Of course, like Naomi Chin Wing, who looked up to and respected those who went before her like Joan Smalls, STYLE respects Nike and Addidas. But, even with that respect, this new line of progressive print and Caribbean eco-friendly clothing line shows that we can walk on the World stage too, and offer the right STYLE for any occasion.  For more information contact or 1-868-274-3887.

And you can place your order for the new STYLE ladies eco-tees … simply email with the details … we deliver your tees to you ….only TT$140 or US $21.

Trini Style Model Tout Le Monde




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