TransformNation Making a Positive Difference

TransformNation is a non-profit, community-based agency that supports individual and community development through engagement, sound analysis, counselling, and inclusiveness.

The values and practice principles at the core of our organization are:
Social justice: respecting and valuing diversity and difference, challenging oppressive and discriminatory actions and attitudes.
Working and learning together: demonstrating that collective working is effective, supporting and developing individuals to contribute effectively to communities.
Sustainable communities: promoting the empowerment of individuals and communities, supporting communities to develop their skills collective and collaborative to take action.
Participation: promoting the participation of individuals and communities, particularly those traditionally marginalized / excluded, recognizing and challenging barriers to full and effective participation, developing structures that enable communities to participate effectively.
To create a change for our younger generation – a new approach to the wellbeing of families, children and young people, ensuring whatever their background or circumstances, they get the support they need to be healthy, safe and able to make a positive contribution to society.
Work to build a strong community  where individuals and families are valued and supported.
TransformNation is committed   to working from an inclusive, antiracism, anti-oppression, participatory framework that is empowering and engaging of all communities.
Core Principle
The core principles of this organization are community participation and empowerment. We work from the four ‘P’s – Projects and Programs with the community People’s Participation.
Literature & Publications
Program Training & Workshops
Motivational Speakers
Consultation & Project management
Youth & Family Support
Community Programs
Childhood Obesity Initiative
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