TransformNation Community Services call for Board Members


The Nominations Committee of TransformNation Community Services (TCS) Board of Directors is interested in hearing from individuals who are interested in volunteering for a two-year term on the Board.

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a well established social non-profit society providing a variety of supports and services for youths, families, and communities in the Peel Region of Ontario, Canada and other Canadian communities.

Board Members are expected to attend at least six monthly meetings and participate in at least one Board Committee. The time commitment for a Board member may vary, but on an average is between 5-8 hours a month (including attendance at a 2-hour Board meeting). Volunteers and members of the community are encouraged to submit names of those who may be interested in being a board member.

The Board of Directors meets once every 2 months.

Major Responsibilities

  • Adhere to the bylaws, policies and objects of the Society as described in the Society’s documents
  • Organizational leadership and advisement
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Financial management including approval and oversight of the annual budget
  • Oversight of program development
  • Fundraising and public relations

Expectations of board members

  • Attend and participate in meetings and special events on a regular basis
  • Participate on one of board committees; serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary
  • Be alert to member needs and concerns that can be addressed by TCS mission, objectives, and programs
  • Help communicate and promote TCS mission and programs
  • Become familiar with TCS finances, budget, and financial/resource needs
  • Understand the policies and procedures of TCS


Board members have a sincere interest in the well-being of those in need. We believe TransformNation has a responsibility to ensure that: every person, whatever their background or their circumstances, should have the support they need to be healthy, safe, and have adequate means and resources to fully participate in community life.

About TransformNation

TransformNation is a non-profit organization in Mississauga, Ontario. We build stronger communities through engagement and inclusion. The organization stimulates and supports community development through engagement and inclusiveness.

The Mission of Our Community Organization:

Working to build strong communities, where individuals and families are valued and supported.

The core principles of the organization are community participation and empowerment. The programs are also designed to address the sense of hopelessness that youth violence is creating and to foster an atmosphere of healing from the traumatic effects that violence has on the community at large.

Our organization works from the four P’s:

  1. People
  2. Programs
  3. Projects
  4. Participation.

All programs are designed to address the sense of hopelessness that youth violence is creating and foster an atmosphere of healing from the traumatic effects that violence has on the community at large.

Over the past three years, TransformNation has collaborated with community organizations, businesses, and government to implement actions to create community environments which are more inclusive and equitable.

We continue to collaborate, mobilize, organize and implement meaningful programs and strategic interventions; giving children and their families the possibility of reaching their optimal potential.

Our programs’ inherent curriculum design strengthens our capacity for youth engagement in community planning, and democratic processes by:

  • Increasing opportunities for all young people to participate in the decision-making processes that will shape their future, as well as the future of their families and their communities.
  • Sharpening skills to be actively involved as citizens, leaders, and partners; share the responsibility of implementing potential solutions to issues which impact them.
  • Seeking to empower parents with information and tools to make good choices for themselves and their families.
  • Stimulating and supporting community development through engagement and inclusiveness.

Please contact us at 905.602.4082 ext 458 or 647.248.6870 or by email at or visit our website at



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