Tracy Webb Unleashes the Devana in her Intriguing New Book – Demon Lover, Book I: The Demon

Tracy 4Tracy S. Webb was raised in the historically rich city of Hampton located on the southeastern tip of the Virginia peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay. Hampton is the oldest continuously settled English community in the United States. She studied computer science at the New England Institute of Technology and now works as a Senior Program Analyst.

Growing up, Tracy was surrounded by historical sites which provided a wealth of facts, relics, legends, and local folklore — shaping her young mind and giving her much to write about. She spent 20 years of her life in this southeastern seaport city then relocated to South Florida.

Tracy told us that writing is the most enjoyable aspect of her life and she never grows tired of it. “My inspirations come every day— from people I meet, people I know and love, world events, and situations that I encounter,” she said.

She encountered many distractions, however; they did not prevent her from completing this book and she is now busy preparing the exciting part ll. Using her pseudo-name Spider Rae, it has become more indelible in her thoughts to believe in herself, her dreams and aspirations.

Demon Lover, Book I: The Demon

DemonLoverCover3Demon Lover, Book I: The Demon follows the tale of Greater Devana Eirathen, a demon who must explain to the council of Hell his life on earth — Devana is the Hindi word for demon.

Demon Lover, Book I: The Demon is a supernatural work that delves into the lives of demons and the working of their thoughts and feelings. It is a fantastical tale that studies evil present in the world by providing it with a fleshly existence.

Greater Devana Eirathen shares with the council of Hell his life as a torturer and executioner for the Baron. From here, he relates his violent rage towards his victims and the goriness of their deaths. However, it is a girl named Rachel that changes him.  As he says, “She is the one I had loved from Hell and had risked my life to return to Earth … to spend if only a moment with.”

When Greater Devana Eirathen returns to Earth he lives with Rachel and her father, and learns to experience the compassion and love–a world divorced from his world of killing and the reality that he is a demon. Eventually Greater Devana Eirathen weds Rachel and they have sons. Their sons have special powers, but it is the second son, Theodore, who threatens their lives, especially Rachel’s.

Stylistically, the work’s formal elements color the narrative in a serious tone and dark atmosphere. The work ends on a cliffhanger, pointing to other books in the series.

Tracy says “Most of the people I know and grew up with in Hampton have yet to leave and many of my character depictions within my story lines are partially their stories or partially the stories of other individuals whom I’ve encountered once I left Hampton, Virginia.”

Tracy values the opinions of family and close friends and is always open to their ideas and contributions, so, it’s only fitting that she dedicated this story to them. She says, “They always believed in me without reservation and I dedicate this story to those readers who are ready to go beyond the limits of the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

By: Karl A. Haughton

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