Tracy Guiteau expressing unity in her latest work, Reines

Tracy Guiteau expressing uniity her latest work, Reines

Tracy Guiteau

I was about 9 or 10 when I found myself coming to this undeniable realization. I know most would say “what could a child know about finding the thing they’ve been called on”. I often hear the phrase “Youth is wasted on the young” but when God calls you, you run towards him. And it was through art I was called.

I realized art was what I needed and craved the need to express my world. Each piece I created dove deep into my soul, exposing thoughts and perceptions within me I never even knew existed. Every piece was more than art, no…Every piece was an elegant series of strokes that reflected lines in my diary. Just creating art alone had become my refuge and therapeutic for myself.

I believe deeply that we women have so much power and that it’s often taken for granted. We have so much to learn from one another by loving and supporting each other. We are sisters in the journey of life, forever bonded as Queens whose crowns are made up of our common stories of joy, pain, love and more.

“I took it upon myself to express this notion through this canvas,” Tracy Guiteau.

Tracy Guiteau expressing uniity her latest work, Reines


Using a mixture of warm and lightly popping colors to capture our energies, I created Reines.

Much like many of my artworks, this piece contains words hidden within. The lines in the piece aren’t just cool designs but serve as continued reminders of all the things we share.

My goal with Reines was to show through Unity; as Queens we can build an Empire that is unbreakable.

My creations are even more visible at TRACY GUITEAU Fine Arts and Fashion

Instagram: GuiteauArt

With an innate desire to create, New York born Tracy Guiteau headed for Providence Rhode Island to attend the renowned Rhode Island School of Design where she received a BFA degree in Fashion Design in 2007. The excellence of her work has the soul of a revolutionary and is a self-portrait of her life, which means it is consistently evolving.  

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