Top Five Mistakes Caribbean Travellers Make

Undoubtedly, vacations are some of the joyous moments in one’s life. They are routes to discover the beauty of nature and the world around us. Indeed, vacations bring some happy memories. If such is the influence of vacations and it is essential to see that they are not spoiled in any way. This is especially true when travelling to an area like the Caribbean where problems may mean the difference between an amazing vacation and a drab trip. To this end, here are the top five mistakes that can ruin one’s trip to the Caribbean and a few tips on how to avoid them.

1.      Failing to Check and Recheck

This is one thing that is most important of all, not just to the Caribbean but to any place. It is very essential to ensure that all the important requirements for the trip are under possession before leaving. Camera, clothes, accessories, visa papers, passports, tickets, hotel formalities are few things that need to be checked.  Make a list of all the things and check them thoroughly prior to departure.

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Some things if missed can be bought in the tour, but abovementioned, if missed, can ruin the whole trip. This check is to avoid you flying back to home in the middle of a vacation. Anybody would hate to get back to home in the middle of a Caribbean fever.

2.      Not Pacing Yourself

A lot of tourists travelling to the Caribbean what to see everything, simply ending up making their itineraries too densely packed. This is one of the biggest mistakes many people make while planning a trip in the Caribbean. There are many pastime activities in the Caribbean islands to watch out for.  The main purpose of going on a vacation trip in the Caribbean is not just to see all the places, but also to have some fun and leisure time to wander around.  Either plan a long schedule to enjoy all the places in the Caribbean or if you are out of time, make sure you have enough time to spend in each and every place.

3.      Not Being Flexible

If you are any kind of person that is obsessed with the routine and expect everything to happen as planned, then you need to change your mind. On the contrary, if you are a soul which likes sudden adventures, landing up in the unexpected place, then don’t stick to the travel packages. The Caribbean is not a place that is toured on a general routines and time stuck packages.  It is a place of sizzling energy and excitement. It is a place where you do things that you cannot do back home. So do your research, find some places and please drop your agendas.

4.      Not Choosing the Right Hotel/Resort

One of the main expectations while setting out on a vacation trip is the hotel in which you are going to stay in.  Financially and emotionally we have a lot of expectations about that.  Many hotels make ads that are exuberant but in reality, the place turns out to be nothing. So don’t let the pictures and other advertising factors mislead you and fall prey for it. 

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It is always better to check for reviews of the hotel in well known travel sites before landing in. There is not a hotel that is perfect in every way.  But it is up to you to decide which one won’t affect you the most.

5.      Not Visiting Places That You Like

The Caribbean is an assortment of all types of places.  It is a place for all age groups and any kind of mind set.  People have a tendency of listing places that are famous instead of the places that they actually like. Don’t visit a place in the Caribbean just because it is famous in the surroundings. Instead make a research of places and events that you actually like. Remember you are on a vacation, not on a company trip. Any place you visit, make it your choice and not that of the people around you. 

These are some mistakes that you should not make in the Caribbean. So, shake your legs in the Caribbean without forgetting the above.

By: Norvan Martin



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