Top 5 Jamaican attractions that you should know about

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Top 5 Jamaican Attractions That You Don’t Know About

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica - ExperienceIt goes without saying that Jamaica is a beautiful country.The beaches, the warm sunshine, etc. People the world over know of Negril, Ocho Rios, and the various other popular locations. They know of Dolphin Cove, Dunn’s River Falls, Doctor’s Cave Beach and other popular destinations studded on the island paradise.

However, what of the hidden treasures that Jamaica has to offer, those places that while they may be popular to Jamaicans aren’t quite known outside the country? Those places that while they may be lesser known offer the same, quality or even better experience than the more popular destinations. Such places are our focus today.

1.      H’Evans Scent

Location: Priority, St. Ann Experience a little piece of heaven in an adventure of a lifetime. A trip to the cool Free Hill in St. Ann will leave you tantalized and amazed. H’Evans Scent is more than an adventure park, it’s an amazing wonder filled withsensational activities.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica HevansImage Credit: Relax and experience comfort

Experience the Ride of a Lifetime Zip lining through obstacle courses such as the ‘Leap of Faith’ or the ‘Short and Spicy’ will leave you amazed and buzzed. You can also take rides on the ATV bikes and go mushing through the hills. For an even more amazing time, ask about the ‘Screamer’, a ride that will throw you over 150 ft into the air!

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica zipliningImage Credit: Zip lining, a terrifyingly fun experience

2.      Chukka Caribbean: Chukka White River Adventure

Location: Runaway Bay, St Ann

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica chuckaImage Credit:  Go kayaking! Experience Nature!

To get away from the hustle and bustle of modern city lifestyle, Chukka White River is the place for you. It is an adventure park for those who love the outdoors. It offers amazingly beautiful scenery complete with horseback riding and the Chukka Canopy Tour. Explore nature in the Chukka hills where the beauty of paradise will beguile you.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica go kartCredit: Go for a ride on the famous ‘dog sleds’

Like H’Evans Scent, the Zip Line Canopy Tour will allow you to swing from tree to tree, experiencing an adrenaline-charged but still, relaxing ride. If that’s too scary, go kayaking on the beautiful and pristine, crystal clear waters in pools created from the White River.

3.      Kool Runnings

Location: Norman Manley Boulevard, close to Hedonism

Kool Runnings is a fairly popular water park established in 2007. The park boasts world-class and sophisticated infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities while offering several fun “activities for visitors of all ages, locals and tourists alike”.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica kool runningsImage Credit:    The Greatest Chill Under The Sun!

The park is fairly large, featuring seven slides along with a lazy river, a kiddie island and Anancy Village where go-karting and bungee trampoline activities are available. To make it even better, there are also several restaurants and a Jamaican souvenir shop.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica waterCredit: Just One of Kool Running’s Amazing Slides

4.      Two Sisters Cave

Location: St. CatherineCaves are a major part of the landscape of Jamaica. The Green Grotto Caves, for example are a major attraction in Ocho Rios, St Ann. The difference with Two Sisters Cave however is that there is an amazing garden on the outskirts of the cave where you can relax, allow your children to run about and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica caves                      Image Credit:  Inside the eerie cavern

Trekking through numerous 60 foot sub-caves and numerous passages filled with indigenous Jamaican life-form such as the Greater Bulldog Bat and the Blue Crab will prove rather exhilarating and mysterious adventures. Moreover, the lesser known, but equally beautiful One Brother Cave is right around the corner.

5.      Sun Coast Adventure Park

Location: Bull Bay, St. Thomas

Sun Coast is a true adventure park, offering all the fun and exciting activities that you would expect and more.  Adventures and challenges include the Ropes Challenge, the Anansi’s Maze and of course, paintball for the action junkies!

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaican net      Credit:   Rope climbing, for the less adventurous

There you have it, a list of some of the top places to take your family for a day out in Jamaica. Of course, there are other areas of interest including various beaches, waterfalls and zoos. The advantage of the listed areas however is that they offer a wide variety of activities that will thrill and amaze anyone.

Navito-Top Places To Go In Jamaica paintImage Credit:         Paintballing

By: Norvan Martin



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