Tobago Day at the Races in Trinidad

Although called a twin-island republic, Trinidad and Tobago are both culturally divergent. Whereas Trinidad is considered bustling and energetic, in Tobago one can get a more laid-back Caribbean experience. 

Tobago goat raceOne of the customs that is inherent to Tobago is goat racing. The sport has become immensely popular in Tobago with visitors from the world over descending on the island just after the Easter Weekend when the event is taking place.

On Wednesday, June 19, however, Tobago’s infamous Goat Racing will be imported into Trinidad at an event that promises to be chock full of excitement. Co-organized by the Arima Race Club and the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Tobago Day at the Races will be an added attraction to the already popular horse racing events at Santa Rosa Park located in Arima on the eastern end of Trinidad. The Tobago Day at the Races promises to be an exciting event with local cuisine and entertainment rounding off what is expected to be an exciting day of family friendly fun. 

The Goat Racing Festival in Tobago started in 1925 when locals decided that they needed an alternative to what was considered the aristocratic sport of horse racing. The event has become so popular that a new arena was built in the village of Buccoo with top-notch facilities for the growing sport.

Goats cannot run the race without a runner (usually male) and the speed of the runner is equally as important as the speed of the goats. And if you think well thought out names like Seabiscuit, Northern Dancer, and Cigar are reserved only for prized racehorses, think again. Goats are given names such as Diplomatic Cat, Red Lace, and Loan Shark, and issues such as lineage are major discussion points when it comes to the performance of these prized goats.

So move over Kentucky Derby! Right here in Trinidad&Tobago we’ve got Goat Racing. 

Don’t forget to book your spot now for the Goat Racing Festival in Tobago just after the Easter weekend in 2014 and check out the Tobago Day at the Races at Santa Rosa Park in Trinidad. 

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