It is time for Jamaicans to work together to make the country better

It is time for Jamaicans to work together to make the country better

Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s new Prime Minister waves to the crowd after being sworn in by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, left, in Kingston, Jamaica, Thursday, March 3, 2016. Holness was elected with a slim-margin victory over then Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller of the People’s National Party. Collin Reid AP

Almost five years after being Jamaica’s youngest Prime Minister—a position which he lost two months later— Andrew Holness is now the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

The 43 year old Holness was sworn in as Prime Minister on Thursday, March 3, 2016 by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

Holness promised to lead a government of partnership to grow Jamaica’s debt-ridden economy, reduce its rising crime rate and tackle high unemployment.

He pledged to faithfully serve Jamaica and he echoed the call to Jamaicans to help him move the country from poverty to prosperity.

Will members of the opposition party—The People’s National Party— collaborate and cooperate with him and his Cabinet?

A recent NY Times article states, “Holness is “something completely different” — a positive and realistic business-minded people-person, and that’s quite unusual. He spoke at the gathering of business executives, diplomats and VIPs, presented by the Positive Jamaica Foundation.”

By Karl A. Haughton



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