Thousands participate in May Day celebrations in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Hundreds of thousands of Havana residents marched on Tuesday morning along the Jose Marti Revolution Square in the Cuban capital to mark International Workers’ Day.
The parade, also attended by hundreds of solidarity activists from several countries, was presided over by President Raul Castro and by the General Secretary of the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC), Salvador Valdes Mesa.
Addressing participants in the rally, Valdes Mesa ratified the commitment of all Cuban workers to improve and consolidate socialism in the Caribbean nation, and to increase production efficiency and discipline.
The leader highlighted the importance of saving, as much as possible, the existing material resources as a way to achieve efficiency and urged workers to focus their efforts on the production of food and other products that can contribute to the replacement of imports.
Valdes Mesa insisted on the need to fight corruption and social indiscipline, and to stay united, which — he said — is the key to preserve the nation and the social and economic achievements of the Revolution.
He also called for the elimination of Washington’s 50-year-old economic blockade of Cuba and for the immediate release of five Cubans who have been imprisoned in the United States since 1998.
Finally, the workers’ leader congratulated the thousands of Cuban professionals who are currently making their contribution in other countries and expressed Cuba’s solidarity with all the peoples around the world that are victims of the current global economic crisis.



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