Thousands Attend Vincy Unity Picnic in New York

Vincy unityA section of the crowd at the Vincy Unity Picnic 2014.

Thousands of Vincentian nationals in North America last Saturday converged on Heckscher State Park on Long Island, a New York City suburb, for the 3rd Annual Vincy Unity Picnic.

The gathering – which attracted over 5,000 nationals from all walks of life from major cities and towns in the US and Canada, and even from home – was said to be even larger than the preceding years.

Nationals came by bus and cars from, among other places, Toronto; Washington, D.C.; Boston, Philadelphia; and Brooklyn for the spectacular get-together.

“All you Vincentians, if you did not come, this will not be possible,” New York Consul General Selmon Walters, chair of the organizing committee, told the party crowd during a break in entertainment, from the assembled stage at the north eastern corner of the park’s camp grounds.

“Vincy U.S.A. is here to stay,” he exclaimed. “All who bring food, don’t carry them home. Share with everyone. Long live St. Vincent and the Grenadines! Long live our people!”  Walters’ Toronto counterpart, Fitzgerald Huggins, said unity was paramount in nation-building.  Read more here!

By: Nelson A. King • Fri, Aug 22, 2014



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