Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

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Kingston, apart from the obvious tourist destination parishes of Jamaica, is one of the top places when you are looking for excitement and a good Jamaican experience without the extra dollars.

Coming to Jamaica for the first time and opting to take the Norman Manley route and land in Kingston instead of the North Coast will leave you quite alienated from what to do as a tourist. Kingston is definitely a fast-track environment; perfect for those who do not want to miss a beat.

If you are one of those persons who just booked the flight to Kingston without any prior planning but want to experience as you go along, you might feel a little overwhelmed when you reach and realize that there is no tour guide on demand and you are left with your smartphone and the endless opportunities to explore. Fear not, we have a great guide to help you tour Kingston in style. You will definitely enjoy the activities the central parish has to offer.


Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

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American, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Mediterranean, Jamaican, any type of cuisine you can think of, it is here in Kingston, you just have to look. One can go to places like Little Ceasars, East Japanese, Triple Century, Scotchies, Gloria’s, Devon House, Nirvanna, Fromage Gourmet, Spanish Court Café, Redbones, East Japanese, South Avenue Grill, Opa Greek or Tea Tree Creperie to name a few of the thousands of restaurants in Kingston.  If you can’t make up your mind but want many options, you can try the CPJ Market, 80 Lady Musgrave, Sovereign North or The Marketplace if you can’t make up your mind as they offer a range of different cuisines.

“Don’t be put off by the car park and entrance. Scotchie’s is a little oasis in the heart of New Kingston [Jamaica]. The jerk is delicious and the staff is friendly. It well deserves its ranking in the listings.” – Tourist who visited Scotchies.


Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

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If you love the Nightlife you will love clubbing and gaming lounges. The most popular Caribbean spots in Kingston, Jamaica are Fiction, Quad and  Club Privilege. At these high-energy clubs you find many DJs ranging from amateur to professional who will give you a taste of a variety of genres of music from reggae to Hip Hop back to Dancehall to Pop. Also, there is premium and high shelf liquor available and you will see the occasional celebrity pass through for a good time.

You can also try networking and enjoying the company of potential friends at a bar like Regency at the Terra Nova Hotel, Cru Bar, ABar, Ribbiz, or any restaurant which more likely facilitates a bar.

If you’re more of the gaming lounge type, Macau, 100 and Acropolis are the top places to be if you want to try your hand at gambling or bet based on luck. You will feel right at home as these places are very advanced in their offerings for the gambler or the person that just wants to enjoy and experience a night in Las Vegas; these lounges fulfill every gambler’s dream.


Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

If you like to party, you can look online for the most ‘happening’ parties within the Kingston and St. Andrew via social media. There is never a dull day in the urban part of the island. From Quiet Headphone parties, to Soca and Cooler Fetes, to parties with an all-round great vibe, there is something for everyone. There are also numerous parties which take only a geo-tag of one’s location on the Facebook events and you will be able to view all the events, including parties occurring in your area, which is Kingston, Jamaica.


Things to Do When in Kingston & St. Andrew, Jamaica

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Tourists love to sightsee and Kingston does not take away from giving them the opportunity to do so. In the central part of Jamaica there are many sightseeing tours available or if you would like to explore on your own time. There are many places that top the list of must-sees like the Bob Marley or Peter Tosh museums, The  National Art Gallery, 41 Fleet Street, Fort Charles, Port Royal, Emancipation Park, Blue Mountains, Devon House and National Heroes Park are some treats that Kingston have in store for tourists.

“As a huge Bob and Reggae fan, this was a treat for us…The rooms are full of interesting artifacts from his life. The highlight for us was the recording studio and the kitchen. Also a big piece of stained glass that was awe-inspiring. The gift stop was cool, and we bought an original pressing of Confrontation behind the house from one of Bob’s percussionists. We also bought food from the café – seriously impressive quality, loved it!” – Toronto tourist who visited the Bob Marley Museum.


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Bowling, golfing, seeing a play, day by the beach, picnic in the Hope Botanical Gardens, river trip, rent a car and go road exploring, the opportunities are endless. If you are the type to drive up into the mountains and taste a cup of authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, or go to watch a theatrical comedy at Centerstage or a dance show put on by some of the most talented individuals at the Little Theatre. Not to mention bowling at JamZone in Manor Park or taking a beach or river day at one of St. Andrew’s secret hideaways in either Gordon Town or Bull Bay.

“Great coffee, tasty pastries, prices are not inexpensive, but the quality is good…..Caters to all palettes with a Jamaican menu and others…. Good for breakfast, lunch or snacks and especially coffee lovers.” – American Tourist who visited Cafe Blue for Blue Mountain Coffee.


If you are a shopaholic like most tourists that come to this beautiful island, you would definitely find happiness in shopping in the mall or even at a souvenir shop to bring back memorabilia of your sojourn. If that is the case, you can go to the malls situated all across the Kingston and St. Andrew area, such as the Sovereign Mall in Liguanea; Twin Gates Plaza, Springs and Pavilion Malls in Half Way Tree; or even Manor Park Plaza in Manor Park, to name a few. You can also look for the numerous craft shops to cater to all your souvenir needs, popular places are The Craft Cottage and Carby’s in the Half Way Tree area.

By Alexandra Daley



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