Thin Line

Thin line

There’s a thin line between
Love and hate
Religion and faith
Argument and debate

In this great republic in which we stand
This battle field called society created by men
There is a line drawn in the sand
Marked by the blood of so many innocent women and men
Who died fighting for their rights to attain
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Holding these truths to be self-evident, they say that all men are created equal
But In God we trust
For their declaration was never intended for us
It’s governed by the power of wealth and greed
Dividing the masses
by economic classes
Separating the poor by color and creed
Incidentally, red is the color that we all bleed

Through out history’s religions whether  Muslim, Christian or Jew
Among all doctrines, stories generations told
There is, but one similar goal
One common thread I’ve found to be true
Do unto others as you wish done unto you

Yet, It seems this principle was lost in translation
Maybe it was when we were back on the plantation
Emotions got stirred
As the lines became blurred
As we went from boy to affectionately being called the n word

How long will the cycle be stuck on repeat
Before we fall back, take stock and retreat
It’s time to stop using flags and symbols to spread propaganda and pain
Time to stop passing on a legacy of hatred and shame
Leaving our children responsible
And taking the blame

The debate goes on
With no end in sight
But who’s to say
Who’s wrong or right
Where will it end
Where did it begin
Can someone please tell me
Why am I hated
because of the color of my skin

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2015
©Copyright 2015. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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