The thriving Performing Arts industry of Nigeria

When it comes to performing arts in Africa, Nigeria stands out as the industry leader. Their movie industry, commonly known as Nollywood has grown to become a multi-million dollar industry. The movies made here are hits all over Africa and now in other parts of the world like North American, UK, Jamaica and many others.

Nollywood has produced fine actors and actresses of all ages.  It has allowed the world to experience the Nigerian culture and exposed a lot of talent to the rest of the world.  After Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood comes 3rd in the movie industry in the world.  The film “Living in Bondage” was the first movie to be produced in the early 90’s and after this movie; the film industry was officially born.

The industry has managed to withstand the challenges of film production ranging from high cost of production, poor electricity supply, the well-known crazy traffic jams of Nigeria, expensive equipment and even some negativity from the general population.  One challenge that is yet to be fully address is piracy. Piracy robs the industry of millions of dollars every year as films get illegally reproduced and sold.

Each film is produced on a tight budget and it generally takes about 10 days to complete shooting.  Nigeria has always had a vibrant culture and Nollywood grew as a result of their theater production industry that was thriving in the 80’s and early 90’s. 

The music industry in Nigeria has not been left behind.  Recording labels like Storm Records and Kennis Music have played a huge role in producing a new generation of musicians in Nigeria. Success has also been greatly influenced through online distribution channels like YouTube.

Some of the new hitting artists include D’Banj, 2Face Idibia, 9Ice and P-Square with D’Banj and 2Face Idibia winning MTV awards for the best African Acts.  The twin, P-Square has grown to become one of the most successful singing duos in Nigeria.

Nigeria has experience success in the performing arts especially because of the support the industry receives locally.  Local investors have pumped in money and the industry has also attracted a lot of foreign investors. The general public has remained very supportive, driving the industry to success.

The future looks bright for the industry as investors bring in the money and the technology required for growth. The world is also taking note and awarding both the musicians and the actors who are now taking their careers very seriously.  You can expect to see much more from this industry in the future. Imani (TCC)



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