The Story of Truth

The Story of Truth

Truth woke up one morning, he had a plan to save the world
to bring his people out of mourning, from his words unheard
He stepped outside and headed on his path, bumped into Lies and
Corruption, who just looked at him and laughed. They said, where are you
going Truth, come join our staff, Truth said I can’t, I’m untold and you
don’t know the half.

They said, you’ll never free your people, they’ll remain using us
and even if you do, you’ll have to gain their trust.
Truth knew before he left, he couldn’t do it alone, so he called his
brother Knowledge, because his powers are well known.
Knowledge came right over and he brought his friend Facts
they formed a powerful team and Truth knew they had his back.

They both asked, so what’s the plan Truth, how do we free our people?
He said, the first thing we must do, is to let them know we’re all equal.
At first they won’t see us, lies and corruption left them blind
and when we free everyone, we’ll also have to free their minds.
So they went to the people, living under the rule of King Deception, his sons
Lies and Corruption and their sister Mis-Conception.

When the people saw Truth and Knowledge and realized it was Facts.
They knew they’ll be freed from King Deception’s Illusions and traps.
The more Truth spoke and Knowledge filled their minds; they became
aware of Facts, that they were fooled in believing to live life blind.

Each one started to teach one, King Deception was dethroned,
his henchmen Lies and Corruption had to find a new home.
Mis Conception changed her ways when she met Understanding and
instead of becoming Mis Understood, she became Miss Upstanding.
They all lived a peaceful life, the people happy as can be
knowing Truth, Knowledge and Facts, will always set them free.

By Majah

The Story of Truth

Jermaine Major – (Majah)

Jermaine Major is a Native of Charleston S.C. who moved to Atlanta in 1995 to further his works with music and various areas of entertainment. He first came on the scene with his unique style of hip-hop reggae lyrics combined with an Alter ego of a rhyming MC.

He started listening to reggae music at the age of eight years old, adapted the sound and created his own delivery of music mixed with his geechie vernacular and Haitian roots. He always wanted to write songs that uplift, inspire and motivate his listeners.

His love for people and the power of words drive his passion to write poems, songs, and share his works with the world. Utilizing his writing skills, he goes by the name (Majah Words) and he’s on a mission to change the world.



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