The State of West Indies Cricket

One stride forward, three back
West Indies were mostly sloppy and lacked the resilient spirit that had come to define their cricket in 2012
Garth WattleyJanuary 5, 2014

West Indies cricket

 2012, West Indies were a team showing signs of improvement. Their efforts in 2013, however, represented definite backsliding. The cautious optimism the stakeholders in Caribbean cricket harboured at the turn of the year was quashed by a series of reversals. It was a year of regression.

The promising run of six consecutive Test wins that had began in 2012 in the Caribbean came to an abrupt halt in India and now West Indies have lost four of the their last five Tests. Unlike in 2012, there was no global title to celebrate. West Indies' journey in the Champions Trophy in England was ended by the combination of Duckworth-Lewis and an untimely Kieron Pollard dismissal before the semi-final stage.

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Photo: WICB Media/Randy Brooks Photo



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